Stanberry Building Project May Require Alternative Building Materials To Stay On Timeline

Stanberry School Board members accepted the results of the levy issue approved by Stanberry voters earlier this month at their August meeting on Monday night. Stanberry’s “Room to Learn-Room to Grow” levy was approved 234 to 52. Later in the meeting, Superintendent Bob Heddinger presented board members with updated drawings and cost estimations for the new Agriculture Classroom and Shop and the New Training Facility. Superintendent Heddinger also reported to the board that a lag in the steel industry will likely create a delay in the start of the project unless some alternate building materials are used. Block construction would likely be the best alternative for the project to stay on time. The school’s architect is advising the district.

Stanberry’s board approved a levy of $5.43 per $100 of assessed valuation after the levy hearing. The levy includes $3.43 in the Operations Fund and $2.00 in the Capital Projects Fund.

Superintendent Heddinger also reviewed the summer projects that have been completed. They include the Junior High Boys Locker Room, Gym Painting, New Basketball Goals, New Storage for the Old Boiler Room, the Concession Stand at the Track, the Crow’s Nest, New Track/Football Storage, and other items. Stanberry’s first day of school will be August 25th. Stanberry is projecting 385 students on the first day of school. The figure was 345 at this time last year. The pre-K through 6th grade will include 253 students. The Junior High and High School has 132 students.

Stanberry’s board received an updated copy of the School’s Re-Entry Plan. At this time, there will be no mask mandate. The plan will be reviewed at lease every six months or earlier if needed.

The presentation of a final budget will be in September.

Bank Northwest was approved was the school’s depository for a 5-year period beginning September 1st.