Stanberry School Board Finalizes Budget

Stanberry School Board members finalized their 2020-21 school budget during their meeting held on Monday. The budget includes an $84,000 deficit for the school year and is actually a better financial picture than the preliminary budget reviewed in June that included a projected deficit of $274,000. The budget picture improved with unanticipated CARES Act funding in the amount of $132,000 that was appropriated to the school by Gentry County.

Superintendent Bob Heddinger also reported that the FACS Room renovation will be completed in the coming days. The district’s enrollment of 327 students is about 20 students more than last September.

The board was also presented with an HVAC Maintenance Plan prepared by the P1 Group. The plan includes extending the life of the school’s current HVAC systems through improved maintenance and would also lower the energy cost to the school. There was no decision made on the matter. It will be discussed in October.