State Senate, State Representative Races
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Rusty Black won 16 of the 17 reporting counties in the 12th District State Senate Race for the Republican nomination. Black won garnered 65 percent of the vote in a 3-candidate race. Black won 65 percent of the vote. J Eggleston won DeKalb County and had 26 percent of the vote. Delus Johnson won 9.6 percent of the vote. Black will face Democrat Michael Baumli of Maryville in the General Election. Baumli was unopposed in the primary.

Mazzie Boyd won the Republican nomination for the 2nd District State Representative Seat during Tuesday’s Primary Election. Boyd won the nomination with decisive victories in Harrison, Grundy, and Daviess Counties. She won a close vote in Worth County and stayed within 7 percent in Caldwell County in her race against Randy Railsback. Overall, Boyd won 62 percent of the vote. She will face Democrat Lois Pontius of Ridgeway in the General Election in November. Pontius was uncontested for the District 2 Republican nomination.

Jeff Farnan won a 5-candidate race for the Republican nomination for District 1. Farnan won all of the counties included in the district and won decisively in Gentry and Nodaway Counties for a total of 47 percent of the vote. Alan Bennett took 25 percent of the vote. Holly Kay Cronk won 14 percent. Jeff Farnan will now face Democrat Jess Piper in the General Election. Piper was unopposed for the Democratic nomination.

Danny Busick won the Republic nomination for District 3 State Representative, in a race that decided the seat, in Tuesday’s Primary Election. Busick defeated Gary Ewing for the Republican nomination with 76 percent of the vote. District 3 now includes Adair, Mercer, Putnam, and Sullivan Counties. Busick decisively won all four counties. Busick will be unopposed in the November General Election.

Dean Van Schoiack  was uncontested for the Republican nomination in District 9. District 9 includes Andrew, Clinton and Dekalb Counties. He is also unopposed for the November General Election.


State Senator – District 12 169 of 188 Precincts Reported
Delus Johnson Republican 2,670 9.625%
J. Eggleston Republican 7,182 25.889%
Rusty Black Republican 17,889 64.486%
Party Total: 27,741
Michael J. Baumli Democratic 3,561 100.000%



State Representative – District 2 41 of 41 Precincts Reported
Randy Railsback Republican 2,881 38.240%
Mazzie Boyd Republican 4,653 61.760%
Party Total: 7,534
Lois Pontius Democratic 637 100.000%
Party Total: 637



State Representative – District 1 41 of 41 Precincts Reported
Jasper Logan Republican 533 7.559%
Alan Bennett Republican 1,795 25.457%
Holly Kay Cronk Republican 986 13.984%
Michelle Horner Republican 399 5.659%
Jeff Farnan Republican 3,338 47.341%
Party Total: 7,051
Jess Piper Democratic 1,094 100.000%



State Representative – District 3 40 of 40 Precincts Reported
Gary M. Ewing Republican 1,098 23.684%
Danny Busick Republican 3,538 76.316%
Party Total: 4,636
Total Votes: 4,636


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