Sullivan County Bridge Opens For First Time Since April

The Missouri Department of Transportation has announced that the East Locust Creek Bridge in Sullivan County is now open.

The bridge had been closed after a routine inspection identified beam deterioration in late April.

Repairs have been completed for the East Locust Creek bridge and the bridge was opened Monday afternoon following an evaluation.

The bridge is part of the Northwest Bridge Bundle and is now considered to be a priority bridge. The Northwest Bridge Bundle is made up of 34 poor condition bridges in north central Missouri which will be replaced by the Design-Bridge team.

The Missouri Department of Transportation has announced the two teams who will compete for the the Northwest Bridge Bundle. The project is considered to be a Design-Build method. Under that method, one contract cover the design work. Another contract will be cover the highway improvement.

The ESS Team and Capital-Horner & Shifrin teams have been selected to develop their proposals for the project.

The Northwest Bridge Bundle team will release the Request for Proposals in July.

The Missouri Highways and Transportation Commission will likely award the project at its December Commission meeting.