Surveillance Options Discussed For Bethany Dog Facility By Council

Bethany City Administrator Jake Taylor reported to Bethany’s Board of Aldermen on Monday night that water is currently being moved from the Harrison County Lake to the New City Lake. That action should not be taken to suggest that the city’s water supply is low. While the new city lake is lower than its normal level, the Harrison County Lake is overflowing. The city has been pumping water from the County Lake to the New City Lake for about two weeks, but based on current conditions, it may still take 2 to 3 months of pumping for the New City Lake to be full. Water taken from the County Lake is somewhat of a challenge to treat, but it was stressed at the council session, that there is not threat of a limited water supply for the City of Bethany whatsoever.

Council members approved a drafted Emergency Water Supply Sale Purchase Contract for the Harrison County Public Water Supply District #2 if the district would still be interested in purchasing water from the city. The cost will be $13 per 1,000 gallons. At the March meeting, representatives with the Harrison County Public Water Supply District #2 says that rate would force them to lose a significant amount of money if they were to keep their prices the same. They also suggested at that meeting that they do plan to keep their customer rates the same.

Council members approved an ordinance at the session which establishes the locations for stop signs within the City of Bethany. New stop sign locations will be northbound and southbound at 20th and Fuller Street and for eastbound and westbound traffic at Beekman Street and 22nd Street.

Council members also approved banking bids for the 2024 year. The city plans to invest $1 million with the Missouri Securities Investment Program. $100,000 will be invested with Farmers Bank. $1 million and the restricted city accounts will be invested with BTC Bank.

Randy Carter won the bid for the city’s hay ground. Anixter was awarded the bid for meter cans and wire harnesses for the city’s electric transformers.

Bethany’s Board of Aldermen received a plan of the Bethany Fire Department for their mutual aid with the Gilman City Fire District. Fire Chief Jacob Denum says the Bethany Fire Department will continue to respond when called for mutual aid, but would like to have better communication with the Gilman City Fire Department. The plan includes obtaining a notification of need from the Gilman City Fire District when fires are in their district and a mutual aid request have been made to the Bethany Fire Department. The plan includes serving an unwanted response fee if the Bethany Fire Department responds to a call with no further need of support, and the Bethany Fire District has not received the notification that the support is no longer necessary.

City Administrator Jacob Taylor says he will start getting ideas for the proposed Pocket Park to be located at 16th and Central. A community garden concept was one of the items discussed on the topic.

A meeting has been held with a local contractor regarding the score of work for the Bethany Depot. Exterior repair work will be bid out later this spring.

Options were also considered for surveilance at the Bethany Dog Facility. There has been a recent incident whereby a severely mistreated dog was dropped off anonymously at the site. A Dog and Cat Vaccination Clinic will be held at Bethany City Hall Thursday, June 6th from 5 until 7pm. The clinic will be held through Allee Veterinary Services. All pets will receive a wellness exam and a rabies vaccination for $35.

The groundbreaking for the new Harrison County Community Hospital will be held at 4pm at the Street Hospital Ground.

A Farmers Market will start in Bethany on April 26th and will be held every Friday from 4-6pm at the Geneological Library.

The Bethany City Wide Garage Sale will be held on June 8th.