Survivor Gives Back To Princeton School In Thanksgiving For Gift Of Life

The Princeton School District has received the donation of a defibrillator in honor of a sudden cardiac arrest survivor following an incident in April of last year.

Scott Lowe was running on a treadmill at the Stacy Center and suffered a sudden cardiac arrest. Princeton students Alyvia “Livi” Binkley and Raven Moreno were part of the team which responded to the incident and performed life-saving actions.

Mr. Lowe then reached out to the ZOLL Medical Corporation to thank them for developing the ZOLL AED. The company, in turn, gave Mr. Lowe a chance to donation a ZOLL AED Plus Defibrillator to an organization of his choice. He chose the Princeton School District.

The Princeton School District plans to have a strategically placed AED in the Stacy Center, the High School, and the Elementary.