Swimmer Infected with Amoeba Has Died
Lake of Three Fires State Park, Bedford, Iowa. Photo by Iowa DNR.

(AP) The Missouri resident who was infected with a rare brain-eating amoeba that likely happened after swimming in a southwestern Iowa lake has died.

The Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services said the patient died due to the rare and usually fatal infection caused by the ameba.

Health officials said they believe the parasite was contracted at Lake of Three Fires near Bedford, Iowa. The name and age of the patient will not be released.

Iowa officials closed the Lake of Three Fires State Park near Taylor County as a precaution on July 7. The beach remains closed.

People are infected when water containing the ameba enters the body through the nose, usually while victims are swimming or diving in lakes and rivers. The fatality rate is more than 97%, according to CDC statistics.

The infections have primarily occurred in southern-tier states. It is the first case discovered in Iowa since infections were first confirmed in 1962.

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