Teacher Recruitment And Retention Committee Presents Recommendations To State Board

The commission created and charged with providing recommendations for teacher recruitment and retention presented their final recommendations to the Missouri State Board of Education Tuesday.

The recommendations were categorized into 4 areas. Two of the areas were the Immediate Support of Classroom Management and a Master Teaching Certification.

The recommendations for Immediate Support for Classroom Management included the development of a best practices document from advanced teaching role models to distribute statewide, establishing a voluntary annual evaluation and reporting process from local education agencies as a way to continue the sharing of best practices, working to ensure that the Career Ladder Program can support advanced teaching roles, obtaining funding through the legislature or alternative sources for LEAs which develop advanced teaching roles, and providing support at the Regional Professional Center level for district and school leaders who are implementing advanced teaching roles.

The Master Teaching Certification would explore the creation of a master teaching certificate and then create uses and/or compensation for obtaining that master teaching certificate.