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Third Company Begins Carbon Pipeline Approval Process

Carbon dioxide pipeline from the WA Parish Power Plant in Fort Bend County. Photo by Marie D. De Jesus.

(Radio Iowa) A third company has announced a proposal to build a carbon capture pipeline across the state of Iowa as two other companies have started the process of seeking permits. Iowa Utility Board spokesman, Don Tormey, says the first step is to hold public input meetings.

“Those have been conducted already for the proposed Summitt Carbon pipeline, but we’re still in the process of conducting those meetings for the Navigator proposed project. Those are the ones that continue through January 24th,” according to Tormey. Tormey says the public hearings aren’t the only way you can give your input on the proposed pipelines.

“Anybody can go to our website and use the online open docket comment form and file that. Or they can file their comment, objection, or letter of support via email to [email protected] Or they can send us a postal letter. Obviously, these are written comments, so they have to be written and mailed to the Iowa Utilities Board.” Once the informational meetings are done the companies can move to the next step of the process.

“Once those meetings conclude, the companies, Summitt and Navigator, have to wait 30 days after the completion of those meetings to file for a pipeline permit with the Iowa Utilities Board,” Tormey says. “Both these projects are classified as a hazardous liquid pipeline project in the state of Iowa.” If the companies decide to go ahead and file for a pipeline permit then the I-U-B takes over.

“Under Iowa law, the Board would review all that information, set a procedural schedule, and then eventually set a public hearing date for both projects — so we are very early in the process still,” Tormey says. The final step would come after the public hearing.

“Then they would ultimately base their decision upon all the information, testimony, and exhibits that have been filed in the record of both dockets before they issue their final decision. Part of that information the board reviews is also all the comments, objections, or letters of support that have been filed in both of those dockets,” he says. Wolf Carbon Solutions and Archer-Daniels-Midland’s announced they are planning a carbon pipeline project –running from eastern Iowa to central Illinois. They will have to go through the same process that Summit Carbon Solutions and Navigator C-O-2 Ventures are now going through.

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