Tourism in Missouri Brought in Nearly $13 Billion During the 2021 Fiscal Year
The Gateway Arch is seen, Thursday, March 3, 2022 in St. Louis. The Arch was built in the mid-1960s to withstand a strong earthquake, but many other structures in the central U.S. are not. That's concerning because the active New Madrid Fault is centered in southeastern Missouri, and experts say there's up to a 10% chance of a magnitude 7.0 earthquake or greater in the region within the next 50 years. (AP Photo/Jim Salter)

(MISSOURINET) –  Tourism is one of the leading industries in the state.

Missouri Division of Tourism Director Stephen Foutes (fouts) says the industry is vital to the state’s economy.

Foutes says tourism is a significant employer – more than 255-thousand people worked in the industry in that state budget year.

It also led to at least 440-million dollars in tax revenue in Missouri.

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