Train Depot Location Site Determined By Bethany Council

Bethany City Administrator Jacob Taylor and Bethany’s Board of Aldermen agreed that the final site of the train depot relocation will be at the top of the hill that connects 29th street with Bulldog Avenue. The discussion was part of Bethany’s city council meeting on Monday night. That is a location that has currently been staked out. Administrator Taylor wanted a final answer from the council so that bids can be let for both the move of the train depot and the concrete work that is needed. The city will take bids for the relocation locally but will also search out other companies that specialize in such a move. The actual relocation move will likely be made sometime next year. A route will need to be determined for the move. Work will be needed that allows the width of the facility along the route. Concrete will also be poured for the foundation of the site. Bethany Park Board President Patrick Miller also says the development of the Israel property should probably include dirt work to provide as level a surface as possible.

Council members also approved a proposal submitted by Scott Neth of Marathon Home Improvement for plans he has for current city-owned property located at the site of the former Howard Hill building on South 16th street, just south of Etty May’s, for a new building to be constructed sometime next summer. His proposal was approved to be part of the city’s property transfer program. Under that program, the city council has authority to approve projects that transfers ownership to another party intending to improve the property.

Bethany’s council approved the two job descriptions for Electric Supervisor and Electric Lineman positions.

The city no longer has plans to move the old West Main Bridge. A potential project had previously been discussed to move the bridge and place it at the low water crossing on the Israel property. Engineers advised against moving the structure.