Tri-County Health Department Assembling List of Resident’s Medical Equipment in Case of Emergency

STANBERRY, MO – The Tri-County Health Department covering DeKalb, Gentry, and Worth counties is putting in place a list of residents who require electricity to power medical equipment. That effort is being made following storms in the past month that proved some durable medical equipment to be insufficient.

Administrator Teresa McDonald said that Harrison County requested a list of individuals who required power for medical devices when power outages occurred in June, however, Medicare took 24 hours to provide the list, and when it was received, phone numbers were not included.

The Tri-County Health Department says the list is voluntary and would be kept confidential at the health department. It would be provided to first responders and Sheriff’s Departments in the event that an extended power outage is expected, an F-5 tornado sweeps the region, or any other disasters that would require authorities to identify and contact the most at-risk residents.

Residents of DeKalb, Gentry, and Worth counties can be included on the list by calling 660-783-2707 or texting information to 660-822-1247 and including your name, phone numbers, address, medical equipment used, and how long you can last without power.