Tri-County Health Reports Steady COVID Numbers

The Tri-County Health Department Thursday released new COVID 19 numbers for their three county service area.

According to the latest numbers there have been seven new cases of COVID in the three counties since Tuesday. In DeKalb County three new cases were reported since Tuesday and four new cases were reported in Gentry County. Worth County stayed steady at 266 total cases but went from two active cases to one.

None of the three counties saw any additional deaths.

However, none of the three counties improved their vaccination rate in the at time either.

Gentry County reports 37.3-percent of the population at least starting the vacation process and 33.5-percent fully vaccinated. Worth COunty has 34.6-percent with at least one dose and 31.2-percent fully vacated. DeKalb County is lagging behind however with just 23.9-percent having started the process and just 21.4-percent fully vaccinated.