In response to the global coronavirus health pandemic Triumph Foods has begun it’srelief efforts in it’s own hometown. This week Triumph Foods donated 10,000 pounds of fresh pork products of the second harvest community food Bank of St. Joseph. This donation will provide over 8300 meals in the Second Harvest service area to those individuals who are affected by the COVID-19 pandemic locally.

Chad Higdon executive director of the St. Joseph Second Harvest Communtiy Food Banks said that “this is a critical time for business and individuals to step up and support second harvest as we work to address hunger needs through the pandemic as we’re concerned with seen a decrease in food donations we are very thankful for references for the organization in this time of need.”

Along with second harvest the company has donated 850 lb of products to the Missouri air national guard 139th airlift wing in preparation if the base will be activated to aid in local relief efforts as well as 1,000 lb to both the Open Door Food Kitchen and interserv of St Joseph.