Turney Chosen For Broadband Pilot Project Site

The Village of Turney in Clinton County has been selected to be the location of a high-speed broadband experiment that will be financed with a national grant.

The National Science Foundation is helping to finance a project named “OVERCOME”. The goal of the project is to select, launch, and oversee novel broadband technology solutions that could serve both rural and underserved urban communities.

The technology to be deployed is known as RF over Fiber, or RFoF technology. The aim of the technology is to digitally stitch together multiple low-bandwidth radio frequency devices to simulate a high-bandwidth device. It is thought that the technology could provide high-speed internet access to areas that lack a fiber broadband infrastructure.

The Maximize Northwest Missouri organization selected says the site was chosen thanks to an agreement with Wade Farms of Stewartsville. Wade Farms will provide an elevation point on a grain elevator for a point of broadcast.

Other partners in the project include Missouri S&T, United Electric Cooperative, and the University of Missouri Extension.