Two Area State Representatives Given House Leadership Roles

This week when Missouri State House Speaker Rob Vescovo announced his committee chair selections for the 101st General Assembly two area representatives heard their names among those given leadership roles.

From our area 2nd District State Representative J. Eggleston of Maysville was appointed to head-up the Committed on Rules and Administrative Oversight. Also from the listening is 11th District State Representative Brenda Shields of St. Joseph who was appointed to lead the Committee on Higher Education.

In total, Vescovo announced 41 chairs who will lead their respective committees for the next two years.

The chairs selected by Vescovo will lead 37 existing committees and four new committees created by the Speaker and approved by the body with the passage of the House Rules. The newly-formed committees include the Committee on Emerging Issues, the Committee on Legislative Review, the Committee on Public Safety, and the Committee on Rural Community Development.

Vescovo will continue to appoint chairs to the remaining handful of committees in the coming days.