Two Marijuana Sales Tax Questions On Harrison County Ballots Tuesday

Both Harrison County and City of Bethany officials have been asked for clarification regarding the two sales tax issues which will be before Harrison County and City of Bethany voters regarding a tax on marijuana products sold in Harrison County and/or the City of Bethany.

The questions will essentially ask voters if future marijuana products that would be available for sale in the county and city can be taxed at a 3 percent rate. Clarification has been particularly requested for the county question which includes the phrase “of all tangible property retail sales of marijuana products”. County and city officials want it to be clear the questions only request a future sales tax on specifically marijuana products. It is not asking for an increase tax of personal property nor an increased sales tax for any other products.

The questions are also not asking permission if marijuana products can be sold in Harrison County or the City of Bethany. A statewide vote has already been approved for the sale of marijuana products in the entire state of Missouri, but a local vote is still required to collect a sales tax on marijuana products sold within the district of the taxing entity.

Both issues will be on the ballot before voters on April 4th.