U.S. Drought Monitor Shows Downgrade In Latest Map

The U.S. Drought Monitor released Thursday showed a noticeable decline in soil moisture. Most of the eastern side of the listening area has now been downgraded to the Severe Drought category. Severe Drought is the D2 category on a four-level scale. Most of Harrison County, all of Mercer, Grundy, and Livingston counties, and the eastern half of Daviess County are considered to be in Severe Drought. Areas further west are in Moderate Drought. Atchison, Holt, and western Nodaway counties are in pre-drought conditions. Putnam County has been further downgraded to the D3, or Extreme Drought category.

Characteristics of Severe Drought are generally large and deep soil cracks, corn and soybeans are cut for silage, surface water levels are low, low reservoirs are noticeable, voluntary city water restrictions are requested, trees are stressed, and vegetable produce is smaller with decreased yields.

Overall, 27 percent of Missouri territory is in Moderate Drought, 27 percent in Severe Drought, 15 percent in Extreme Drought. 23 percent of Missouri territory show pre-drought conditions. There is no Exceptional, or D4 stage drought in Missouri at this time, but there is also only 7 percent of Missouri without any soil moisture deficit.

D3 Drought is continuing to expand across 10 counties in northeast Missouri and across parts of 13 counties in central Missouri.

Iowa’s Drought Map also showed a downgrade in the Severe Drought category. D2 drought territory doubled to 28 percent. Extreme Drought jumped from 1 percent to 3.5 percent. 52 percent of the state is now in Moderate Drought.

Weekly Missouri Drought Map
New Iowa Drought Map