U-S Senate Confirms Barrett to Supreme Court; Hawley Praises Her

Missouri’s junior senator is praising the newest U.S. Supreme Court Justice, who was sworn-in Monday after being confirmed by the Senate on a 52-48 vote.

GOP Senator Josh Hawley, who serves on the Judiciary Committee on Capitol Hill, was impressed with Judge Amy Coney Barrett’s testimony at hearings.

Hawley, who voted to confirm Barrett, describes her as a fair and impartial jurist and a strong constitutionalist.

Senator Hawley describes Barrett as “the most openly pro-life Supreme Court nominee to be confirmed in my lifetime.”

Missouri GOP Senator Roy Blunt also voted to confirm Barrett.

Missouri Democratic Party Acting Chair Clem Smith criticizes the vote, noting it happened eight days before the election. Smith also predicts that Barrett “will have a hand in dismanting the Affordable Care Act.”