Update Provided Regarding Israel Property To Bethany Council

Bethany Mayor Jonne Slemmons provided another update on the Land Advisory Committee that has been created to consider options for the use of the Israel property that has been purchased by the city and is located adjacent to the north edge of the Bethany Park Area during a meeting held on Monday night. The Land Advisory Committee met on December 30th to make an analysis for use of the Israel land and how projects that include the land can be incorporated into the Bethany Parks System. The committee will send changes back to the architect to be incorporated into a final presentation that will be made in person by the firm in front of the council. That presentation may be part of a March or April meeting.

Bethany’s council approved Westbrook and Company P.C. for a two year contract to serve as auditor. Howe Company was also approved to submit an application for the city’s potential 2021 TAP application. A generator project was also approved.

City Administrator Jacob Taylor announced that the city has formally accepted the award from the Missouri Department of Natural Resources that will be applied to construct a charging station. 2 companies have also contacted the city that are interested in bidding on the 2021 street overlay project for the city.

January 18th is the filing deadline for those interested in running for city offices. Lance Johns has signed up for the mayor’s position. Dan Robertson and Charles Crabtree have signed up for the East Ward Alderman’s position. Randy Mann has signed up at this point for Bethany’s West Ward position.