Very Few Changes In New Missouri Drought Monitor Map

Missouri’s Drought Monitor stays almost identical to the soil moisture map released last week.

Gentry, Nodaway, the southern edge of Worth County, and the northern edge of Andrew County, and the northeastern edge of Mercer County still show moderate drought. The rest of the region is in the pre-drought category.

41 percent of all of Missouri is in the Moderate Drought category. 29 percent is in Severe Drought. 1 percent is in Extreme Drought. 7 percent are out of any soil moisture category.

36 percent of Iowa remains in Extreme Drought. 29 percent of the state shows Severe Drought. 18 percent of the state shows Moderate Drought. Most of Ringgold, Taylor and Decatur Counties remain in Moderate Drought, but those counties do show some territory in Severe Drought.