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Vietnam Veterans Honored in Ceremony at Bethany Memorial Park

Veteran Tom McFall speaks at the Vietnam Veterans Day ceremony on March 29, 2022 at Bethany Memorial Park. (Social Media Photo by Linda McFall)

BETHANY, MO – Vietnam Veterans were remembered and honored in a ceremony held at Bethany Memorial Park on Tuesday.  The memorial service was held on Vietnam Veterans Day, which marks the day the last U.S. combat troops departed Vietnam in 1973.

March 29th was officially designated as Vietnam Veterans Day in 2017 by President Donald Trump.  More than 1,000 events and recognitions were planned across the country and abroad to thank and honor the U.S.’s Vietnam veterans.

Veterans attending the ceremony in Bethany received a quilt from Prairie Queen Quilters Guild, which provided over 83 quilts.

Quilts provided for Vietnam Veterans by the Prairie Queen Quilters Guild (Social Media Photo by Linda McFall)

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