Weekend Chillicothe Police Activity

September 24, 2021

4:56am, Officer out in the 1300 block of Green Street on a follow-up investigation…..

7:53am, Officer out in the Country Club Drive, Broken Arrow Rd. area on Public Relations detail…..

9:24am, Subject in the PD to speak with Officer in reference to possible harassment…..Subject was provided information on Protection Orders….No report….

10:38am, Laboratory calling to speak with Officer…..Officer taking the call….

10:56am, Report of subjects vehicle having been taken by a relative and not returned….Complainant decided to not file report….

2:20pm, Report of aggressive and barking dogs in the 400 block of Cowgill Street….The dogs have been secured and word left for owner to contact Officer at the PD…..

2:24pm, Subject in the PD to report the theft of their son’s cell phone…..Information taken for report….They are going to attempt locating the phone…..

2:34pm, Subjects near Clay and Washington Streets apprehended a dog that was running loose and were advised to surrender it to the animal shelter……They are taking it to the shelter…..

3:22pm, City Hall calling to speak with Officer….Officer handling the call….

4:26pm, Reported possible harassment in the 1000 block of Graves Street…..Complainant was contacted by Officer and no report was taken as no violation had occurred….

4:32pm, Call from out-of-state agency in reference possible missing subject at their location……Check was done and subject not in computer system as missing…..Subject was at the location voluntarily….No report….

4:39pm, Subject calling to speak with Officer in regards to festivities for Saturday…..Officer speaking with them….

4:47pm, Officers responded to 100 block of E. Jackson St., in reference to a domestic argument that resulted in property damage…. Report taken and investigation continuing….

5:24pm, Subject requesting Officer respond to the 400 block of Elm Street to answer questions about recovering some belongings for an individual and might be issues…..Officer advised subject that if issues occurred for them to notify the PD and Officers would respond….

5:25pm, Officer responded to St. Joseph PD to extradite subject on three active warrants for their arrest…..Officer was advised that the subject was to be held on their local charges and that a detainer was placed for the subject to be released to us upon their cases completed….

6:48pm, Officer out in the 300 block of Henry Street on a follow-up investigation….

7:56pm, Request for well-being check of a resident in the 200 block of Virginia Avenue…..Officers made contact and subject was OK….

9:03pm, Officer checking well-being of subject at Webster and Washington Streets…..Subject found to be OK…..

9:25pm, Officers responded to 1000 block of Graves Street for a report of a one motor vehicle crash….. There were minor injuries to the driver and to one of the passengers. The vehicle was towed from the scene…..

10:04pm, Report of possible disturbance in the 1400 block of Bryan Street….Officers responded to the location and found no disturbance occurring, only subject playing with their children….

Numerous traffic stops, continuing investigations and building security checks…..

Chillicothe Police received 122 calls for service on 09/24/2021…..

September 25, 2021

12:45am, Officers took a report of Sexual Misconduct in the First Degree where a 43 year old suspect allegedly exposed their genitals to a juvenile employee at a business in the 1000 block of South Washington Street… The suspect was arrested at the scene, transported to the PD, processed and transported to Daviess/DeKalb County Regional Jail in lieu of charges….

12:53am, Report of suspicious vehicle in parking lot of business in the 2600 block of Fair Street….It was found that the vehicle’s lights had been left on…..Officers made contact with the owner and advised them that they had left their lights on…..

2:48am, Officer transporting prisoner to Daviess/DeKalb County Regional Jail…..

8:11am, Officer out on special assignment in 1100 block of Trenton Street to lead Quinn Memorial 5K Run….

9:24am, Officer out in the 1000 block of S. Washington Street on follow-up investigation of Sexual Misconduct incident….

9:59am, Officers responded to the 700 block of Webster St. in reference to a motor vehicle crash that occurred at the intersection of Washington and Webster Street where one vehicle backed into the other…. No injuries were reported, only vehicle damage…. Report was taken….

10:09am, Officers were near the intersection of Washington and Webster Street working a two vehicle accident when a second accident occurred at that intersection…Crash involved a vehicle vs. a motorized bicycle, when the bicycle failed to yield for the vehicle and impacted the side of the vehicle… The bicycle rider received minor injuries and was transported to Hedrick Medical Center…. Passengers in the vehicle were uninjured…

11:03am, Officer checking in to report of possible animal neglect in the 1500 block of Bryan Street…..Officer checking location and dog is now in the residence….No report….

12:09pm, Officer out in the 1300 block of N. Washington Street on theft report……Information on suspect obtained and investigation continuing…..

12:10pm, Complaint of loud music in the area of Cowgill and Smith Streets…..Officers checking the area report that they are unable to locate any loud music….

12:28pm, Report of subjects trespassing in the 800 block of W. Business 36…..Officers unable to locate anyone….

12:46pm Reported disturbance in the area of Jackson and Vine Street….A woman reportedly chasing a man and yelling….Officers did not locate, but spoke with witnesses that state they believe the subjects were merely playing around….

12:58pm, Parking complaint near S. Woodrow and Third Street….Officers checked area of complaint and no traffic issue….Road passable….

2:24pm, Subject in the PD to sign paperwork for Officer…..Officer handling….

3:09pm, Suspicious subject reported lounging in Edgewood Cemetery….Officer checked on subject and just sitting on bench enjoying weather….

3:34pm, Report of man screaming obscenities in the area of Maple and 16th Street….Responding Officers were unable to locate anyone….

3:35pm, Subject calling PD to provide information to Officer…..Officer taking call…

3:51pm, Officer out in the 1000 block of S. Washington Street on continuing investigation…..

9:22pm, Report of domestic disturbance in the 10 block of Jennifer Lane…..Determined to be verbal between Mother and daughter…..No arrest made…..Subject left residence….

10:11pm, Small fire reported on the end of a Railroad tie in the lot of 600 block of Clay Street….Officer extinguished the fire….

11:06pm, Report of someone banging on the door of residence in the 200 block of Park Lane…..Officers checked area and unable to locate anyone….

Numerous traffic stops, continuing investigations and building security checks….

Chillicothe Police received 51 calls for service on 09/25/2021….