Wheeling Man Accused of Kidnapping and Assault

A man from Wheeling has been accused of kidnapping and assault in Caldwell County.

According to a probably cause affidavit, 32-year-old Tye Joseph Evans was giving a ride to an ex-girlfriend from Chillicothe to Brookfield. During the drive, Evans became angry and started yelling at her. Evans allegedly told her that he would drive with her until the car ran out of gas or until they were both dead.

The woman jumped out of the vehicle as it slowed to around 5 mph and ran toward a residence. Evans allegedly turned his vehicle toward her came within 7-feet of hitting her with the vehicle before crashing into a push plow that was in the yard of the residence. Evans then drove away from the scene as the woman got the attention of the homeowners.

Charges of felony domestic assault in the first-degree and second-degree kidnapping have been filed. Evans’ bond has been set at $25,000 cash only with special conditions of bond supervision and having no contact with the alleged victim.