With Cost Now Projected, Bethany City Council Seeks More Public Input About Moving Depot

For a second time, Bethany’s Board of Aldermen would like public input regarding the move of the Bethany Depot from its current site to a selected site on Bulldog Avenue that is located on northern edge of the Israel land track that has been purchased by the city. During Tuesday’s council meeting, Bethany City Administrator Jacob Taylor told Bethany’s city council that a bid of $25,000 has been made to physically relocate the Depot from its current location to the new site. That cost will only cover the physical move. It is estimated that work to remodel the Depot, pour a concrete base on the new site location, and provide a modest parking area would cost a total of between $90,000 and $115,000 for the project to be completed. The council is now requesting the city’s input about making that investment in the project. Previously, the council had requested input about whether city residents would be simply interested in considering the move. The council continued with obtaining bids and determining a project site because feedback suggested that there was overwhelming interest in at least researching such a move. Now that the project has a cost associated of between $90,000 to $115,000 dollars, the city council would again like the public to provide their input about actually spending that type of money since there is a projected cost for the move and site development. Those wishing to provide input are encouraged to contact council members or city hall. The council also plans to review what is being posted on social media to obtain input.

Bethany’s council held their first September meeting on Tuesday. City Administrator Taylor announced that the Bethany charging station is now operational. There will be walkthrough of the operation next Tuesday.

The City of Bethany has received just over $309,000 in American Rescue Plan Act funding. The city plans to hire a consultant to help the city determine if the applications for ARPA funds are fits for the requirements of the funding.

The council also approved an ordinance that closes a portion of Crossan Street from 16th Street to 17th Street as previously requested The closure would be 204 feet in length.