Worth County Board Approves 23-24 Levy

Worth County School Board members approved their levy for the school tax year and received an enrollment update during their August meeting.

The district approved a tax rate of $3.52 per $100 of assessed valuation with a debt service of $0.25 per hundred dollars of assessed valuation.

Board members set the tuition rate for the district at $5,754.49.

The projected enrollment for the 2023-24 school year is for a higher elementary enrollment and a lower enrollment for the 7th through 12th grades.

Board members agreed to prepay $65,000 in current bonds. That move saves the district $3,000 of future expense.

The facility upgrades are either nearly complete or have been completed during the summer. Those upgrades included new stadium lights, asphalt work, exterior metal painting, and work at the softball field which was done through the Aivry Griffin Foundation.

The former stadium lights and poles have been declared as surplus property and will be up for bid. The bids will be taken until September 1st.

The Worth County District plans a long range planning committee meeting this fall to re-evaluate facility needs and goals.