Worth County Board Reviews School Operations Plan

Worth County School Board members reviewed the school district’s continuous operations plan for the upcoming school year during their meeting held on Thursday.

The plan includes the preemptive strategies that can be done at home, the proactive measures taken by the school to decrease exposure, and the reactive measures if the district is forced to close for safety concerns. The school district will be communicating the plan to parents and community members. The district will also send out a survey to parents and caregivers to inquire on whether or not they can transport their students to and from school since there can be no guarantee of physical distancing of students at all times. The plan can also be used, if needed, to implement if the school is forced to close for an extended period of time for weather-related reasons.

Worth County Superintendent Dr. Matthew Martz also told board members that the district will see a funding decrease of about 5 percent with current funding cuts factored. That figure will be contingent on no further withholdings and collected state tax revenues.

Worth County’s board approved John Lachowsky as a high school social studies teacher and junior high assistant softball coach. Cassie Boner was added to the food service substitute list. The board also approved the Business Education Program Improvement Grant, service providers for the upcoming school year and updated the school’s social studies curriculum.