2021 KKWK-KMRN All-Star Basketball Team & Coach of the Year Awards

***stats and comments provided by the coaches




–Kianna Herrera (junior):
Averageing 12 points a game, 8 rebounds. She is a girl that can both play with her back to the basket and step out to hit jump shots regularly as well as shoots an okay 3pt% for a post player at roughly 24%. Shoots 73% free throw percentage.

–Jaida Cox (junior):
is an athlete that averages 10pts per game, she shoots 32% from the 3pt arc. She is the juice for our team. She has defended some of the best girls in the state holding them to below their average most of those games. Shoots 77% free throw average.




–Tatum Studer, Sophomore
Points/Game:10.3, Rebounds/Game: 4.2, Assists/Game: 2.1, Free Throw%: 67%, Field Goal %: 30%, Three-Point%: 30%, Three-Pointers Made: 39, Steals/Game: 3, Blocks/Game: 0.2
Tatum is a sophomore point guard. She hardly ever comes out of the game. We stick her on the other team’s best player. She drives, pullups, and shoots the 3pt shot well. By far the hardest working player I have ever coached. We would not have the wins we do without her. Tatum has very active hands on defense and averages 4 deflections per game. She is a great leader on and off the floor. I strongly believe she deserves to make the All Star Team. She was 1st team All District, All MEC Conference and All City.

–Shae Lewis, Sophomore
Points/Game: 9.8, Rebounds/Game: 5.8, Assists/Game: 2.2, Free Throw%: 67%, Field Goal %: 41%, Three-Point%: 30%, Three-Pointers Made: 19, Steals/Game:1.8, Blocks/Game: 0.2
Shae is a sophomore shooting guard. She by far is our best shooter. She can score from anywhere on the floor. Shae is our best offensive rebounder. Her height and length helps us on defense to get deflections and steals. Has good ball handling skills and often brings the ball up the floor for us. She has made all tournament teams in both tournaments this season. Very deserving of being on the All Star Team. Shae made 1st Team All District, honorable mention All Conference, and All City.



–Dallas Hall (Sr–Forward)
9.3 PPG, 10.8 RPG, 22 steals. We were only able to play in 13 games total this season, due to our school shutting down all basketball from November through January 11th (due to COVID numbers in our community). In this short period of time, Dallas averaged nearly a double-double and was a strong presence on the boards throughout. Her leadership helped us to a 2nd place finish in the CLAA tournament.



–Laini Joseph, SR
20 ppg, 9 rpg and 6 apg



–Essie Hicks, Junior, Guard
11 ppg 4 rbg 2 assists Shot 50% on 2 point attempts and 35 % on 3 point attempts.

–Jessica Reeter, Sophomore, Guard
12 ppg 3 rbg 2.5 assists Shot 41 % on 3 point attempts



-Ashton Crockett
13.9 PPG, 8.2 RPG, 2.5 APG, 58% FT, 40.4% FG, 3.3 SPG, 0.5 BPG
Ashton is our teams leading scorer, as well as leafing in rebounds, per game. She is a close 2nd for the number of steals she averages among our team. She anticipates well on both ends of the floor. SHe plays hard and her performance is directly related to our teams success.




–Lilly Schilling, Sr., F
14.9 P, 5.2 R, 1.3 A, 1.0 S

–Maya Watkins, So., PG
11.5 P, 5.4 R, 3.3 A, 2.8 S


–Brighton Swindler Sr. Guard
16.1 ppg, 4.8 rpg, 4.4 spg, 1.1 apg.



–Maycee Nichols: Senior, guard.
13.5 ppg, 8.5 rpg, 2 apg, 2 spg. Maycee is a unanimous KCI All-Conference selection and made the Class 3 District 15 all-district team. She works hard on both ends of the court and is a difference maker for our team.



–Laken Manns, senior, Post
KKWK All-Star member last season, 15 points/game and 10 rebounds/game, recorded 11 double-doubles, 2.2 steals, 1.5 assists,
*47 points shy of 1000 career points* she missed out playing in 8 games this season due to COVID




–Serena Sundell, senior point guard/shooting guard
25.9 PPG, 162 rebounds, 100 assists74 steals, 25 blocked shots, 79.9% FT, 61 3pt FG, 37.4%3FG
Best player in the area, Class 3A POY as a junior, one of if not the best girls player in the state. She is the player of the year.

–Anastyn Pettlon, sophomore point guard
11.4 PPG, 3.1 RPG, 1.2 Steals/Game
She is an outstanding ball handler, great 3 point shooter, and takes some of the ball handling responsibilities off of Serena’s shoulders.

–Rylee Vierthaler, sophomore forward.
10.1 PPG, 6.2 RPG, 1 steal/game, 56.2% FG
She provided us with toughness, rebounding, and inside/outside scoring.





–Kacie Livengood: #10
2 pt. FG%= 40.1, Free throw%= 65%, 11.4 points per game, 4.5 rebs per game, 3.1 steals per game
Kacie, is a great all around player, gives 100% on the court and has taken a huge role as a leader this year! Kacie is a senior guard and is a solid all around basketball player



Alaina Officer – Senior (Forward)
Averages 12 pts/game 6.5 reb/game 1.3 blocks/game 2.3 steals/game
She guided a very young team to a record of 14-10 and a trip to the district semifinals, where we lost to Bishop LeBlond. Alaina is a great all-around player that can play inside or out. She is a tough match-up that can shoot from three or put a girl on her back and score. She was selected unanimous 1st team all-conference and all-district.



–Josie Roach – 5’10” Junior Guard #33
13ppg, 8.1 rebounds per game, 2.1 assists, 4.1 steals, 1.2 blocks
Josie led us in in points, rebounds, steals, and blocks in our 15-10 season. She is a solid offensive player while also making a huge impact on the defensive end. It’s rare to see a player have that many steals AND that many rebounds.



–Mary Copeland – JR- FORWARD
12ppg, 8RPG, 2.5APG, 2BPG




–Olivia Dierenfeldt, Senior
PPG: 13.3, RPG: 4.9, APG: 2.7, FT%: 70.4%, FG% 42.7%, 3PT% 33.3%, 3PM: 52, Steals: 3.0, Blocks: 0.3
Olivia is a career 1000-point scorer (6th all-time in school history) and all-time school leader in career three pointers (198). She was named first team Class 2 District 15 All District and 1st team 275 All-Conference this past season. Without Olivia our team struggles to score. She is a great player and makes everyone around her better. She has been named to this team in the past and I believe this was her best season by far. Please consider her again!



–Webby Bailey, JR. G/F
PPG 21.5 RPG 6.8 APG 2.1 SPG 3.2
2nd Leading scorer in the complete GRC east and west. Has improved her defensive game and makes everyone on the team better with her effort.



–Savannah Bingham, Junior, Forward
2020 & 2021 ALL-KCI, 2020 & 2021 1st Team All-District, 2021 District Champion. Leading scorer and rebounder 13.5 PPG & 10.9 RPG. A no brainer All-Star nominee.




–Rylee Benight, Sr, Guard-
(All MEC Team 2 Years/Class 4 District 16 All District 2 Years)
15.04 points per game, 4.9 rebounds per game, 2.3 steals per game, 2 assist per game



COACH OF THE YEAR…….Christopher Michaels (Benton)





–Kason Mauzey #30 / 6’6” Junior
Averaged 16.8 points per game, 7.0 rebounds per game, scored 421 points in 25 games, shot 56% total field goal percentage, 72% free throw percentage, 1.1 blocks per game & 1.3 steals per game. Voted top player in Class 4 District 16 and made the MBCA Class 4 District 16 All-District Team. Tied for top player in the MEC Conference and was 1st Team MEC All-Conference. 1st Team All-St. Joseph City Coach’s Team. Broke the MSHSAA State Record for FG% in one game with a minimum of 15 attempts by going 15/15 = 100% from the field on 1/7/21 @ St. Pius.



–Chris Guldan
14.5 PPG. 4.5 Rebound/Game. 3 assists/game. Ft%. 70 FG% 45. 3PT%. 37.5 Three pointers made. 56 steals/game. 2 blocks/game. .5
Chris earned All-District honors this season as well as first team all conference (MEC) and first team all-city. Chris had a fantastic Jr. season leading our program to its most wins in 7 year and a district runner up. He is a hard working kid that does everything we ask of him. He is also a 4.0 student.

–Jake Korell
10.5 PPG 3.5 Rebounds/game 3 assists/game 73% Ft% 46% FG% 40% 3PT%. Three Pointers Made 25 Steals/game. 2.5 Blocks/game .7
Jake is one of the hardest working players I have had the privilege to coach. He has taken on more and more of a leadership role in his sophomore season. He is our best defender and always takes the challenge of guarding the other team’s best player. Jake has also increased his offense production by 6 points a game this season. Jake is every coach’s dream. He does absolutely everything that he is asked to the best of his ability.



–TJ Best, Sophomore
Chosen to the Class 4 All District Team. Leading scorer, leader in Assists, 3 point baskets made, free throws and steals . Best defender. 12.1 Points- 3.42 Rebounds- 3.1 Asists- 1.3 steals- Shot 48% from 2- 32% from 3 with 34 made-  72% from free throw line.  Was 1 team all District and 1st Team MEC all conference.



–Griff Bonderer-Sophomore
14.6 ppg, 6.5 rpg, 60 3-point FG made. Griff was our team leader in points, rebounds, steals, and 3-Pointers made. He was our best player all season.




–Isaac Bird, Sophomore
PPG: 21.2, RPG: 4.5, APG: 2.3, FT%: 82, FG% 46, 3PT% 37, 3PM 37, Steals: 2.2, Blocks: 0.4
Isaac is the engine that makes us go. He requires so much attention that he free’s everything up for the things that we do. He’s a underrated passer and a player with a tremendous work ethic.

–Payton Feiden, Sophomore
PPG: 14.7, RPG: 7.2, APG: 0.5, FT%: 68, FG% 53, 3PT% 50, 3PM 8, Steals: 1.7, Blocks: 0.6
Payton has improved tremendously from last year as a freshman. He is our second leading scorer and a great rebounder. His versatility allows us to run a offense where if open at the 3pt line he can shoot it, but his best attribute in under the basket.



–Andrew Rich #44 ,Junior, Forward
15.2 PPG, 9 RPG, 1 BPG, 1.5 SPG, FG% 53%
He made the KCI All-Conference HM and MBCA All-District team this year. He had several 20+pt games and a handful of double doubles.



–Nick Knight, Sr., Forward
18.5 ppg 8.5 rpg 52% FG%



–Max Trout (JR)
16 ppg, 7 rpg, 2.5 apg



–Tanner McDaniel, Sr
24.2 ppg, 52.2% FG, 96 3PM, 40.5% 3FG

–Owen Graham, Jr
11.2 ppg, 10.2 rpg, 3.5 apg, 55.1% FG



–Caden Stoecklein
16.6 ppg 41% 3FG 75% FT 3.1apg
Caden was our best player and always had to handle the ball under pressure. He also had to guard one of the other team’s best players.

–Marc Gustafson
10.9 ppg 63.4% 2FG 8.5 rpg 2.8 bpg
6’9″ Forward that was a force inside that usually was doubled team in the paint and if he did not block the shot in the paint he altered many shot attempts in the paint.



–Javan Noyes – Sr. – PG
He was our leader of the team. Stats won’t be anything that just jumps out of you but if you saw him play, you knew what he meant to us. Led us in assists, 2nd in scoring and a great leader.

–Joe Clark – So. – G
He was a defensive leader for our team who became a great scorer too. Averaged double digits in scoring as well as up in the lead of assists, rebounds while leading us in every defensive category.

–Caiden Bailey – Jr. – F
He was our leading scorer this year as well as leading rebounder. Really stepped into a role we didn’t expect coming in due to injuries and was huge for us.



–Cameron Jones, Senior
1st Team All-District, 1st Team All-Conference -15.8 ppg, 7.5 rpg, 74% FT



–Isaia Howard #11, Freshman
PPG: 18.5, RPG: 8.5, APG: 3, SPG: 4.2
As impressive as Isaia’s statistics are, his leadership was often his greatest strength. As a Freshman Isaia was asked to lead our team on and off the floor and he never backed down from the challenge.



–Trent Raby #3 Junior
PPG: 15.6, RPG: 3.1, APG: 2.5, SPG: 2.7, FT%: 65.7, FG%: 39.7, 3PT%: 26.6, 3PM: 45, Blocks: 1
Trent played the most minutes on the team. He is our only point guard so there was lots of pressure on him to handle the ball. He also had to score, as our 2nd leading scorer only averaged 5.6 ppg. We didn’t win many games but without Trent, we probably would have been competitive in only a couple of games this season



–Wes Darnell – Sr
14.3 ppg, 5.95 Rpg, 1.24 Steals
2 time all MEC, 2 time all District, Wes is a good player and even better kid. #1 ranked in his class 3 year varsity player

–Quay Jeter – Sr
10.43 ppg, 2.95 assists/game, 2.0 steals/ game
Quay is an all MEC/all district player, One could easily argue Quay is the best point guard we have had at Savannah the past 20 years. 3 year varsity player at Savannah+



–Patrick Warren SR
13.1 PPG, 8.6 RPG, 4.1 APG, 3.4 SPG, 29 3’s made @ 30% 3FG%, 50% FT%, 42% FG%
Patrick helped us earn CLAA All Conf Tournament Champions and CLAA ALL Conference Champions (Undefeated), And was named All-Conf. Tournament MVP. He did this all while on a team with 4 players averaging in double figures. Patrick made us so much better and is best described as being the Best Teammate he could be, every day!



–Carson Bowman, Junior
138. PPG, 7.5 RPG, 48 blocked shots, 18 charges taken, 29 assists, 24 steals, 1st Team All-GRC West, 1st Team All- District, 1st Team All-City



–Jakub Hisel (senior)
Jakub made the KKWK team last year and had an even better year this year. His team went 24-2 this season and his career record as a 4-year starter is 95-11.
Statistically, he was pretty much top 2 in all statistical categories (including fouls lol). He had great value to his team on BOTH sides of the floor. He could shoot the 3 and help bring the ball up the floor against full court pressure yet had to guard the other team’s best POST player. He made the HDC All Defensive team, HDC All Conference and MBCA All District teams …last year and this year as well. Happy to see the fantastic young man he has grown into…softball, baseball, basketball, classroom, and Eagle Scout.


BOYS COACH OF THE YEAR……Wade Bryson (North Andrew)

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