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Cameron Wins MEC Boys Wrestling

Team Scores Points
1. Cameron 340
2. Chillicothe 213
3. Savannah 157
4. Lafayette 150.5
5. Maryville 150
6. Benton 135
7. St. Pius X 82

1st Place – Gage Schottel of Savannah
2nd Place – Sam Erickson of Cameron
3rd Place – Joel Edwards of Chillicothe

1st Place – Sheldon Rader of Chillicothe
2nd Place – Caleb Husch of Cameron
3rd Place – Bryson Damgar of Savannah

1st Place – Ryker Smith of Cameron
2nd Place – Andy Nyugen of Lafayette
3rd Place – Ethan Nash of Benton

1st Place – Marco Dalakishvili of Lafayette
2nd Place – Will Courtney of Savannah
3rd Place – Tanner Riley of Cameron

1st Place – Chance Phillips of Savannah
2nd Place – Chase Short of Cameron
3rd Place – Angelo Barron of Benton

1st Place – Tyler Murphy of Benton
2nd Place – Brecken Gates of Cameron
3rd Place – Lincoln LaFave of Savannah

1st Place – Kenton Gates of Cameron
2nd Place – Bishop Rush of Benton
3rd Place – Bryce Dominique of Chillicothe

1st Place – Brody Carins of Chillicothe
2nd Place – Benton Barton of Cameron
3rd Place – Maven Vette of Maryville

1st Place – Kolby Robinson of Cameron
2nd Place – Drew Spire of Maryville
3rd Place – Ty Ward of St. Pius X

1st Place – Paul Viena of Cameron
2nd Place – Jacob Lorraine of Savannah
3rd Place – Dawson Sutton of Chillicothe

1st Place – Jay Greiner of Lafayette
2nd Place – Brock Miller of Chillicothe
3rd Place – Leo Burns of St. Pius X

1st Place – Keiren Watkins of Maryville
2nd Place – Keegan Reynolds of Cameron
3rd Place – Lucas Reynolds of Chillicothe

1st Place – Wyatt Burnett of Cameron
2nd Place – Wade Horton of Chillicothe
3rd Place – Zeke Adamson of Maryville

1st Place – Camren Hedgpeth of Cameron
2nd Place – Kort Watkins of Maryville
3rd Place – Christian Peniston of Chillicothe

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