Dan Christensen Invitational Hosted By Central Decatur

Dan Christensen Wrestling Invitational

Team Scores
1 Humboldt 212.0
2 Winterset 209.5
3 Panorama 162.0
4 Albia 160.5
5 Ottumwa 154.0
6 Southeast Warren 123.0
7 Martensdale St. Marys 104.0
8 Red Oak 103.5
9 Davis County 94.0
10 Central Decatur 83.0
11 Wayne 76.0
12 Van Meter 71.0
13 Mid-Buchanan 60.0
14 Centerville 47.0
15 Mt Ayr 44.0

Guaranteed Places
1st Place – Logan Hubbell of Ottumwa
2nd Place – Quinn Arellano of Van Meter
3rd Place – Laine Christe of Panorama
4th Place – Tucker Ball of Davis County
5th Place – Sam Knight of Humboldt
6th Place – Devin Webb of Martensdale St. Marys
7th Place – Braeden Thomas of Central Decatur
8th Place – Clayton McDonald of Centerville

Guaranteed Places
1st Place – Ashton Grace of Ottumwa
2nd Place – Judah Gurwell of Winterset
3rd Place – Matt Genobana of Centerville
4th Place – Jensen Dyer of Martensdale St. Marys
5th Place – Aden Prenger of Humboldt
6th Place – Krey Hunt of Central Decatur
7th Place – Solomon Hubbard of Van Meter
8th Place – Junior Ramos of Red Oak

Guaranteed Places
1st Place – Emmitt Newton of Davis County
2nd Place – Brock Shaha of Mt Ayr
3rd Place – Grant Schuster of Mid-Buchanan
4th Place – Owen Mayall of Humboldt
5th Place – Tayton Frueh of Ottumwa
6th Place – Sebastian Shaw of Albia
7th Place – Elijah Wheeldon of Martensdale St. Marys
8th Place – Syler Shaffer of Panorama

Guaranteed Places
1st Place – Brayden Scheffers of Southeast Warren
2nd Place – Tyce Clarken of Humboldt
3rd Place – Conner Pickerell of Albia
4th Place – Nile Benge of Winterset
5th Place – Kacyn Watson of Central Decatur
6th Place – Jonny Hayden of Humboldt
7th Place – Paxton Thompson of Davis County
8th Place – Hunter Flactiff of Martensdale St. Marys

Guaranteed Places
1st Place – Cyler Cirks of Humboldt
2nd Place – Daltin Doud of Ottumwa
3rd Place – Tully Wood of Wayne
4th Place – Austin Wagner of Panorama
5th Place – Kael Caikoski of Southeast Warren
6th Place – Kamden Hatheway of Mid-Buchanan
7th Place – Dayton Gusman of Red Oak
8th Place – Cael Hirsch of Winterset

Guaranteed Places
1st Place – Deken Sorensen of Davis County
2nd Place – Kyler Sandholm of Red Oak
3rd Place – Cord Hamilton of Central Decatur
4th Place – Ryder Coons of Mid-Buchanan
5th Place – Brody Crow of Southeast Warren
6th Place – Will Knapp of Panorama
7th Place – Brady Beers of Humboldt
8th Place – Cael Reimers of Van Meter

Guaranteed Places
1st Place – Carter Folkerts of Albia
2nd Place – Gavin Day of Winterset
3rd Place – Jaxson Kirchhoff of Humboldt
4th Place – Landon Kirtley of Panorama
5th Place – Joshua LeRette of Red Oak
6th Place – Colton Halterman of Southeast Warren
7th Place – Adam Boeck of Van Meter
8th Place – Lane Ogden of Wayne

Guaranteed Places
1st Place – Braylon Griffiths of Ottumwa
2nd Place – Jax Jensen of Winterset
3rd Place – Kael Hutchinson of Albia
4th Place – Austin Henderson of Wayne
5th Place – Sampson Henson of Martensdale St. Marys
6th Place – Zayn Feaster of Humboldt
7th Place – Conlee Stark of Mt Ayr
8th Place – Blake Schwartz of Panorama

Guaranteed Places
1st Place – Abe Bushong of Winterset
2nd Place – Conor Cassady of Martensdale St. Marys
3rd Place – Gabe Wagner of Panorama
4th Place – Fischer Buckingham of Wayne
5th Place – Bode Thompson of Albia
6th Place – Kaden Hubbell of Ottumwa
7th Place – Lane Leeper of Central Decatur
8th Place – Gabe Sprake of Mid-Buchanan

Guaranteed Places
1st Place – Riley Nichols of Martensdale St. Marys
2nd Place – Kahne Kibruz of Winterset
3rd Place – Mason Allen of Central Decatur
4th Place – Trey Al-Hameed of Humboldt
5th Place – Brannon Flattery of Ottumwa
6th Place – Wyatt Beckwith of Albia
7th Place – Baz Clear of Red Oak
8th Place – Parker Buss of Wayne

Guaranteed Places
1st Place – Broedy Hendricks of Humboldt
2nd Place – Cayden Van Meer of Panorama
3rd Place – Lance Helm of Albia
4th Place – Andrew Johnson of Red Oak
5th Place – Trey Fisher of Southeast Warren
6th Place – Cael Donahe of Humboldt
7th Place – Bracken Collier of Mt Ayr
8th Place – nolan cremer of Davis County

Guaranteed Places
1st Place – Gaige Allen of Humboldt
2nd Place – Carson Bellamy of Winterset
3rd Place – Brian Snyder of Centerville
4th Place – Izaak Dukes of Bedford
5th Place – Connor Rauch of Southeast Warren
6th Place – Neo Guida of Ottumwa
7th Place – Caleb Ransom of Red Oak

Guaranteed Places
1st Place – Jaydn Cooper of Winterset
2nd Place – Tate Dierking of Southeast Warren
3rd Place – Eli Halfpap of Van Meter
4th Place – Nolan Perrien of Red Oak
5th Place – Isaac Monrroy-Nunez of Panorama
6th Place – Ethan Kunert of Humboldt
7th Place – John Hardin of Ottumwa
8th Place – Cutler Buban of Wayne

Guaranteed Places
1st Place – Paul Ballard of Albia
2nd Place – Seth Vanderlinden of Winterset
3rd Place – Joel Cooper of Panorama
4th Place – Roman Laux of Ottumwa
5th Place – Cristian Monrroy-Nunez of Panorama
6th Place – Dylan Forney of Ottumwa
7th Place – Gunner Hommer of Martensdale St. Marys
8th Place – Brody Kosman of Southeast Warren