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Mid Buchanan Qualifies 13 For MSHSAA Wrestling Championships

MSHSAA Class 1 District 4 Results

Team Scores
1 Mid-Buchanan 286.0
2 Lathrop 126.5
3 Lawson 125.5
4 Maysville 107.5
5 St. Pius X 103.0
6 Plattsburg 81.0
7 West Platte 75.5
8 Rock Port 42.0
9 Albany 41.0
10 North Andrew 35.0
11 Stanberry 26.0
12 Tarkio 24.0
13 University Academy Charter 9.0


Individual Results and MSHSAA Wrestling Championship Qualifiers

1st Place – Spencer Cunningham of Mid-Buchanan
2nd Place – Gabe Provin of Lathrop
3rd Place – Mattox Sybert of North Andrew
4th Place – Owen Weatherspoon of Lawson
1st Place Match
Spencer Cunningham (Mid-Buchanan) 30-2, Fr. over Gabe Provin (Lathrop) 18-16, Fr. (Fall 0:54)
3rd Place Match
Mattox Sybert (North Andrew) 27-11, Fr. over Owen Weatherspoon (Lawson) 15-21, Fr. (MD 15-4)

1st Place – Dallas Grippando of Mid-Buchanan
2nd Place – Cooper Berry of Maysville
3rd Place – Gage DeShon of Lathrop
4th Place – Dillan Chisam of St. Pius X (Kansas City)
1st Place Match
Dallas Grippando (Mid-Buchanan) 23-4, Sr. over Cooper Berry (Maysville) 36-11, Jr. (Dec 3-2)
3rd Place Match
Gage DeShon (Lathrop) 18-8, So. over Dillan Chisam (St. Pius X (Kansas City)) 30-9, Fr. (Inj. 0:03)

1st Place – Gavin Shoush of Albany
2nd Place – Ryder Coons of Mid-Buchanan
3rd Place – Laren Dietz of Lawson
4th Place – Caleb Lucas of Rock Port
1st Place Match
Gavin Shoush (Albany) 39-7, Sr. over Ryder Coons (Mid-Buchanan) 27-19, So. (Dec 10-6)
3rd Place Match
Laren Dietz (Lawson) 22-20, So. over Caleb Lucas (Rock Port) 20-10, Jr. (Dec 10-6)

1st Place – Dawson Fansher of North Andrew
2nd Place – Noah Gonzalez of St. Pius X (Kansas City)
3rd Place – Clancey Woodward of Mid-Buchanan
4th Place – Kyler Simon of Lathrop
1st Place Match
Dawson Fansher (North Andrew) 28-0, Sr. over Noah Gonzalez (St. Pius X (Kansas City)) 42-2, Fr. (Dec 6-1)
3rd Place Match
Clancey Woodward (Mid-Buchanan) 34-10, Jr. over Kyler Simon (Lathrop) 23-13, So. (Fall 1:45)

1st Place – Marco Dalakishvili of St. Pius X (Kansas City)
2nd Place – Keaton Coots of Lathrop
3rd Place – Draken Bennett of Maysville
4th Place – Dalton McNeal of Lawson
1st Place Match
Marco Dalakishvili (St. Pius X (Kansas City)) 44-1, So. over Keaton Coots (Lathrop) 28-10, So. (Fall 3:16)
3rd Place Match
Draken Bennett (Maysville) 38-15, So. over Dalton McNeal (Lawson) 15-16, So. (MD 13-2)

1st Place – Jaiden DeFries of Lathrop
2nd Place – Joey Hofmeister of Plattsburg
3rd Place – Clayton Rotterman of Mid-Buchanan
4th Place – Peyson Chandler of West Platte
1st Place Match
Jaiden DeFries (Lathrop) 24-5, Sr. over Joey Hofmeister (Plattsburg) 19-10, Sr. (Fall 0:42)
3rd Place Match
Clayton Rotterman (Mid-Buchanan) 26-14, Jr. over Peyson Chandler (West Platte) 31-13, Jr. (Dec 3-1)

1st Place – Kaleb Jestes of Maysville
2nd Place – Quentin Umbaugh of Lathrop
3rd Place – Zander Kountz of Mid-Buchanan
4th Place – Caden McLallen of Plattsburg
1st Place Match
Kaleb Jestes (Maysville) 43-9, Jr. over Quentin Umbaugh (Lathrop) 25-12, Sr. (MD 8-0)
3rd Place Match
Zander Kountz (Mid-Buchanan) 9-14, Sr. over Caden McLallen (Plattsburg) 21-22, Fr. (MD 8-0)

1st Place – Nathan Hyde of Mid-Buchanan
2nd Place – Brendan Barton of Maysville
3rd Place – Drystin Dotson of Lathrop
4th Place – Wyatt Moran of Plattsburg
1st Place Match
Nathan Hyde (Mid-Buchanan) 34-7, Sr. over Brendan Barton (Maysville) 37-12, So. (Dec 7-3)
3rd Place Match
Drystin Dotson (Lathrop) 37-6, Sr. over Wyatt Moran (Plattsburg) 37-10, Jr. (Dec 6-1)

Guaranteed Place
1st Place – Colton Kirkham of Mid-Buchanan
2nd Place – Cameron Williams of West Platte
3rd Place – Keegan Holder of Lawson
4th Place – Kyle Burke of Albany
1st Place Match
Colton Kirkham (Mid-Buchanan) 33-12, So. over Cameron Williams (West Platte) 36-9, Sr. (Dec 10-5)
3rd Place Match
Keegan Holder (Lawson) 20-20, Fr. over Kyle Burke (Albany) 25-21, Jr. (Fall 4:47)

1st Place – Zach Kelly of Mid-Buchanan
2nd Place – Jackson Rotterman of St. Pius X (Kansas City)
3rd Place – Coy Sobotka of Maysville
4th Place – Bo Graves of Tarkio
1st Place Match
Zach Kelly (Mid-Buchanan) 37-5, Jr. over Jackson Rotterman (St. Pius X (Kansas City)) 32-5, Fr. (Dec 13-9)
3rd Place Match
Coy Sobotka (Maysville) 28-14, So. over Bo Graves (Tarkio) 9-11, Sr. (Fall 2:42)

1st Place – Tanner Leonard of Lawson
2nd Place – Denton Biller of Mid-Buchanan
3rd Place – Colten Stevens of Rock Port
4th Place – David Brown of West Platte
1st Place Match
Tanner Leonard (Lawson) 27-1, Sr. over Denton Biller (Mid-Buchanan) 7-3, Jr. (Dec 2-1)
3rd Place Match
Colten Stevens (Rock Port) 40-2, Sr. over David Brown (West Platte) 35-17, Jr. (Fall 1:31)

1st Place – Wade Stanton of Mid-Buchanan
2nd Place – Lane Scott of West Platte
3rd Place – Aaron Schlueter of Tarkio
4th Place – Xander Mavel of Lawson
1st Place Match
Wade Stanton (Mid-Buchanan) 40-2, Jr. over Lane Scott (West Platte) 40-6, Jr. (Fall 2:59)
3rd Place Match
Aaron Schlueter (Tarkio) 31-7, Sr. over Xander Mavel (Lawson) 29-14, Sr. (MD 15-2)

1st Place – Rylan Kuhn of St. Pius X (Kansas City)
2nd Place – Owen Stockbauer of Mid-Buchanan
3rd Place – Caleb McCartney of Plattsburg
4th Place – Aidan Davis of Lawson
1st Place Match
Rylan Kuhn (St. Pius X (Kansas City)) 36-1, Fr. over Owen Stockbauer (Mid-Buchanan) 25-19, So. (Dec 4-0)
3rd Place Match
Caleb McCartney (Plattsburg) 15-12, Sr. over Aidan Davis (Lawson) 13-12, So. (Dec 8-5)

1st Place – Seth Cruz of Mid-Buchanan
2nd Place – Austin Colvin of Stanberry
3rd Place – Trevor Rush of Plattsburg
4th Place – Oscar Sauceda of University Academy Charter
1st Place Match
Seth Cruz (Mid-Buchanan) 30-7, Jr. over Austin Colvin (Stanberry) 29-3, Sr. (Dec 6-2)
3rd Place Match
Trevor Rush (Plattsburg) 14-12, Sr. over Oscar Sauceda (University Academy Charter) 19-9, Jr. (Fall 1:23)

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