Saturday Scoreboard

OCHC Shootout
Skyline 59 South Harrison 18

Weaubleau 71 LeBlond 48

Brashear 45 Tri-County 34
Stanberry 42 Orrick 15
Braymer 45 Grundy County 42

Brashear 59 Tri-County 35
Orrick 59 Stanberry 44
Grundy County 58 Braymer 57

Twelve Courts of Christmas
Platte Valley 47 Lincoln Prep 32
Rock Port 40 Drexel 27
Green City 53 University City 52
Benton 39 Des Moines North 15
St Theresa’s Academy 57 Capital City 34

Platte Valley 59 Green City 46
Rock Port 75 Chesterton Academy 41
MIDCS 61 Des Moines North 46
Parkway South 67 Paseo 31

Battle of Katy Trail Wrestling
Boys Team Scores
1 Wilton 652.5
2 Centralia 430.5
6 Marceline 343.5
9 Lathrop 263.5
12 Trenton 230.0
14 Lawson 216.0
17 Maysville 200.5
20 Penney 189.5
21 South Harrison 188.0
24 Plattsburg 172.5
28 Gallatin 123.0
30 Polo 113.0
38 Rockport 55.0
39 Carrolton 51.0
40 Lathrop 2 45.0
41 Albany 43.0
42 West Platte 36.0
43 Stanberry 34.0

Guaranteed Places
1st Place – Liam Adlfinger of Wilton
2nd Place – Eli Sperry of Gallatin
3rd Place – Bryson Dubes of Centralia
4th Place – Jacob White of Trenton
5th Place – Donovan Walters of Lathrop
6th Place – Tucker Tune of Fatima
7th Place – Reece Stufflebean of Marceline
8th Place – Dawson Dunn of Piper

Guaranteed Places
1st Place – Mason Shirk of Wilton
2nd Place – Brandon Brewer of Versailles
3rd Place – Jayce Estes of Warsaw
4th Place – Charlie Ruether of Father Tolton Regional Catholic
5th Place – Brayden Sullard of Lawson
6th Place – Casey Berry of Maysville
7th Place – Luke Lawson of Palmyra
8th Place – Daxton McGinnis of Richmond

Guaranteed Places
1st Place – Garrett Beane of Lathrop
2nd Place – Alex Martin of Penney
3rd Place – Drake Schmidt of Versailles
4th Place – Austin Etzel of Wilton
5th Place – Declan Cockrum of Richmond
6th Place – Mason Grosz of Knob Noster
7th Place – Xaiver Sada of Brookfield
8th Place – Nolan Laux of Fatima

Guaranteed Places
1st Place – Cody Strope of Fatima
2nd Place – Daylen Greene of Holden
3rd Place – Augustus Heintz of Rockport
4th Place – Andrew Griffin of Marceline
5th Place – Cayden Morris of Richmond
6th Place – Charlie Robinson of Centralia
7th Place – Miles Dean of Sumner Academy
8th Place – Patrick Morrow of California

Guaranteed Places
1st Place – Brody Brisker of Wilton
2nd Place – Peyton Parn of Brookfield
3rd Place – Preston Mallatt of Butler
4th Place – Wyatt Eaton of Gallatin
5th Place – Madix Hutchings of Richmond
6th Place – Matthew Radefeld of Versailles
7th Place – Jayden Davis of Boonville
8th Place – Tyler Spicknall of Palmyra
9th Place – Chase Wilson of Polo

Guaranteed Places
1st Place – Grant Anderson of Father Tolton Regional Catholic
2nd Place – Lane Kimbley of North Callaway
3rd Place – Xavier Flippin of Boonville
4th Place – Mason Rongey of Trenton
5th Place – Gabriel Brisker of Wilton
6th Place – Damian Alkire of Butler
7th Place – Gage DeShon of Lathrop
8th Place – Gage Judd of Versailles
9th Place – Tom Ross of Polo

Guaranteed Places
1st Place – Jordan Dusenberry of Wilton
2nd Place – Collin Moore of North Callaway
3rd Place – Elijah Avery of Knob Noster
4th Place – Logan Stewart of Sherwood
5th Place – Weston Ward of Centralia
6th Place – Rowdy Narron of Father Tolton Regional Catholic
7th Place – Keaton Coots of Lathrop
8th Place – Tyler Kloeppel of Fatima
9th Place – Zach Griffith of Maysville

Guaranteed Places
1st Place – Brody Narron of Father Tolton Regional Catholic
2nd Place – Conner Menke of Lawson
3rd Place – Kellen Long of Butler
4th Place – Draken Bennett of Maysville
5th Place – Louis Suddarth of Centralia
6th Place – Emory Crawford of El Dorado Springs
7th Place – Ruben Escalante of Piper
8th Place – Caden McLallen of Plattsburg

Guaranteed Places
1st Place – Rex Bryson of Centralia
2nd Place – conner Quinn of Marceline
3rd Place – Drake Murrell of Warsaw
4th Place – Deavon McWashington of Sumner Academy
5th Place – Owen Milder of Wilton
6th Place – Trent Stout of Holden
7th Place – Beau McAdams of Lathrop 2
8th Place – Ayden Munford of South Callaway

Guaranteed Places
1st Place – Elijah Sanders of Richmond
2nd Place – Jagger Sportsman of Marceline
3rd Place – Wyatt Adkisson of Centralia
4th Place – Brayden Pillars of Palmyra
5th Place – Colton Parn of Brookfield
6th Place – Jensen Boorn of Wilton
7th Place – Grant Rodriguez of Cole Camp
8th Place – Paxton Pyle of Tipton

Guaranteed Places
1st Place – William (Frank) Hazelrigg of Father Tolton Regional Catholic
2nd Place – Braxton Ernst of Lafayette County
3rd Place – Gatlin Rogers of Wilton
4th Place – Blake Esparza of El Dorado Springs
5th Place – Josh Harvath of Warsaw
6th Place – William Dobbins of Versailles
7th Place – Logan Wilson of Trenton
8th Place – Conner Willis of Fatima

Guaranteed Places
1st Place – Isaac Rodriguez of Butler
2nd Place – Eli Benningfield of South Callaway
3rd Place – Trey Payne of Knob Noster
4th Place – Eli Ferrell of Sherwood
5th Place – Casper Safranski of North Callaway
6th Place – Hayden Happy of Richmond
7th Place – Marc Garcia of Marceline
8th Place – Mayson Edwards of South Harrison

Guaranteed Places
1st Place – Trevor Herzing of Fatima
2nd Place – Caden Munson of Lafayette County
3rd Place – Ian Tuggle of Centralia
4th Place – Scout Gooch of Marceline
5th Place – Max Heintz of Maysville
6th Place – Matthew Esparza of El Dorado Springs
7th Place – Crae Coffey of South Harrison
8th Place – Wyatt Burks of Versailles

Guaranteed Places
1st Place – Dawson Miller of Penney
2nd Place – Tristin Gavette of Versailles
3rd Place – Jarrett Eivins of South Harrison
4th Place – Aiden Christian of Holden
5th Place – Dakota Rankin of Plattsburg
6th Place – Gavin Cagle of Trenton
7th Place – John Jones of Knob Noster
8th Place – Wyatt Koenig of Piper

Battle of Katy Trail Wrestling
Girls Team Scores
1 Knob Noster 288.0
4 Cameron 261.0
6 Brookfield 242.0
7 Lathrop 225.0
8 Mid-Buchanan 223.0
12 Marceline 199.0
13 Gallatin 180.0
14 Rockport 178.5
18 Lawson 157.0
22 Plattsburg 123.0
31 Polo 60.0
33 Penney 54.0
34 Trenton 51.5
35 South Harrison 48.0
37 West Platte 39.0
41 Stanberry 27.0
42 Albany 26.0

Guaranteed Places
1st Place – Dallys Shaffer of Adrian
2nd Place – Jaylynn Garst of Rockport
3rd Place – Aubrey Schrunk of Lathrop
4th Place – Olivia Cunningham of Mid-Buchanan
5th Place – Chloe Zeller of Stover
6th Place – Sydnee Axelson of Cameron

Guaranteed Places
1st Place – Camryn Wingate of California
2nd Place – Norah Watkins of Rockport
3rd Place – Aleah Conard of El Dorado Springs
4th Place – Lillian McCleary of Lone Jack
5th Place – Brooke Giboney of North Calloway
6th Place – Allie Mills of Oak Grove
7th Place – Klara Keeter of Versailles
8th Place – Taryn Hearn of Cameron

Guaranteed Places
1st Place – Jayden Keller of Brookfield
2nd Place – Kyana Huseynov of Lafayette County
3rd Place – Skye Mallen of Cameron
4th Place – Kaiden Conard of El Dorado Springs
5th Place – Kyra Briant of Lawson
6th Place – Jayne Binder of Knob Noster
7th Place – Bailey Barnes of Kearney
8th Place – Olivia Schweizer of Gallatin

Guaranteed Places
1st Place – Delanie Smith of Mid-Buchanan
2nd Place – Bailey Martin of Kearney
3rd Place – Audrionnah Donahue of Booneville
4th Place – Tavia Seymour of Knob Noster
5th Place – Ali Gonzalez of Lathrop
6th Place – Aubrey McCulloh of Sherwood
7th Place – Jenna Keller of Brookfield
8th Place – Kentli Whitaker of South Harrison

Guaranteed Places
1st Place – Jordan Diercks of Lathrop
2nd Place – Cooper McDonald of Sherwood
3rd Place – Dalayna Hargis of South Callaway
4th Place – Hannah Nixdorf of Penney
5th Place – Madison Mcfall of Lawson
6th Place – Melissa Perez of Polo

Guaranteed Places
1st Place – Maia Dolinar of Piper
2nd Place – Alivia Bottoms of Booneville
3rd Place – Frankie Shewmaker of Versailles
4th Place – Emma Teten of Rockport
5th Place – Hadlye Sackrey of Brookfield
6th Place – Mylie Carr of Polo
7th Place – Ella Herndon of Kearney

Guaranteed Places
1st Place – Kylie Miller of Knob Noster
2nd Place – Molly Stanton of Mid-Buchanan
3rd Place – Skyla Schroeder of Fatima
4th Place – Skylon Boone of Warsaw
5th Place – Makayla Murray of Lift For Life Academy
6th Place – Kyndal Wilt of Palmyra
7th Place – Savannah McDowell of Kearney
8th Place – Natali West of Penney

Guaranteed Places
1st Place – Payton Weese of Marceline
2nd Place – Janie Triplett of Palmyra
3rd Place – McKayla Knight of Lathrop
4th Place – Elizabeth Henderson of El Dorado Springs
5th Place – Allyson Dunivan of Plattsburg
6th Place – Hana Hoover of West Platte
7th Place – Angel Roth of Lift For Life Academy
8th Place – Delaney Jobe of Cameron

Guaranteed Places
1st Place – Riley Howell of Brookfield
2nd Place – Carlie Kusgen of Booneville
3rd Place – Avery Clark of Trenton
4th Place – Amelia Brown of Knob Noster
5th Place – Sophia Smith of Mid-Buchanan
6th Place – Charlize Lodder of Marceline

Guaranteed Places
1st Place – Keely Fallert of Oak Grove
2nd Place – Gillian Davenport of Lafayette County
3rd Place – Haylee Esparza of El Dorado Springs
4th Place – Emerson Comegys of Booneville
5th Place – Gabby Scrivener of Excelsior Springs
6th Place – Gracie Rindom of Lathrop
7th Place – Gracie Danner of Kearney
8th Place – Jada Taylor of Marceline

Guaranteed Places
1st Place – Jayci Shelton of Centralia
2nd Place – Justice Brewer of Cameron
3rd Place – Abby Sader of Knob Noster
4th Place – Karydon Jones of Gallatin
5th Place – Lorelei Weaver of Lafayette County
6th Place – Maddyson Coleman of Lawson

Guaranteed Places
1st Place – Elly Lorenson of Palmyra
2nd Place – Abigail Parker of Gallatin
3rd Place – Carli Vargas of Kearney
4th Place – Malia Martin of Piper
5th Place – Ivy Scroggins of California
6th Place – Madycen Hedgpeth of Cameron

Guaranteed Places
1st Place – Kenlee Fish of Plattsburg
2nd Place – Lilli Lewis of South Callaway
3rd Place – Kayleen Gareipy of Sherwood
4th Place – Hadleigh Jones of Rockport
5th Place – Adrien Crawley of Excelsior Springs
6th Place – Emma Corbin of El Dorado Springs
7th Place – Molly Sportsman of Marceline
8th Place – Keeleigh Fish of Albany
9th Place – Brea Jenson of Stanberry

Guaranteed Places
1st Place – Alexus Johns of Mexico
2nd Place – Annabelle Rowe of Adrian
3rd Place – Brooklyn Westerfield of Kearney
4th Place – Miah Parker of Gallatin
5th Place – Carmen Conner of Lafayette County
6th Place – Brooklyn Jackman of Warsaw
7th Place – Jayden Allnutt of Richmond
8th Place – Bella Doughty of Oak Grove


College Basketball
Graceland 64 Park 61 OT
Northwest Missouri State 55 Emporia State 48 OT
Missouri Western 98 Washburn 78

Graceland 73 Park 65
Northwest Missouri State 63 Emporia State 59
Washburn 83 Missouri Western 77