South Harrison Board Approves Opens Select Middle School Sports To 6th Graders

By a unanimous vote, South Harrison school board members approved the recommendation by Athletics Director Kale Watson to offer 6th grade students the opportunity to participate in Middle School Softball, Middle School Girls and Boys Basketball, and Middle School Girls and Boys Wrestling for the upcoming 2024-25 season. The action came from a meeting held Monday night. The vote came after Athletics Director Watson shared the potential participation numbers for softball, volleyball, basketball, and wrestling. He also explained some of his reasoning for his recommendation. He considered an additional year to work with coaches in a system, the potential for better retention, and the opportunity to play several levels of contests as positives for move. He considered physical maturity, practice time commitment, and potential burnout as negatives. He also shared with the board conversations he’s had with other schools that have made the decision. It will be a decision that will be revisited each year during the spring. Schools must register their students with the Missouri State High School Activities Association by May 15th each year.

South Harrison’s board reorganized at the meeting. Kalsey McCall and Richard Smith took their oaths to new board terms after last week’s election. Nick Fitzgerald was voted as the President of the board. Jeremy Van Meter will be Vice President. Mike Spurling will serve as Secretary. South Harrison will appoint their Treasurer in June.

South Harrison’s board agreed to pay 100 percent of the base health insurance plan for the district.

The board also declared a decommissioned bus as surplus property.

Superintendent Dennis Eastin also provided a legislative update with the board. Senate Bill 727 has not yet received action. That bill would set a base minimum salary at $38,000 but would not require the state to provide funding to meet that salary. The bill also deals with decisions about funding for 4 and 5-day-per-week schools. The state budget approved by the House and sent to the Senate currently includes a $40,000 minimum salary but cuts Career Ladder funding.