Wednesday Basketball Scoreboard

Savannah Tournament

Wednesday Schedule
Smithville 56 Maryville 37 Pool Play
South Harrison 58 Lincoln Prep 41 Girls Consolation semi
Chillicothe 51 Savannah 21 Girls semis

Thursday Schedule
4pm South Harrison vs Savannah boys consolation semis
5:30 Chillicothe vs Smithville boys consolation semis
7pm Maryville vs Platte County boys semis
8:30 Kearney vs Hogan Prep boys semis

Albany Tournament
Wednesday Results
Stanberry 46 Albany 33
North Andrew 31 Worth County 26

King City 50 Albany 41 consolation semis
Princeton 67 Pattonsburg 57

4:45 King City girls vs Princeton girls semis
6:15 Platte Valley vs North Andrew boys semis
7:45 Platte Valley vs Pattonsburg girls semis

5:30 Stanberry vs North Andrew girls consolation
7pm King City vs Stanberry boys consolation

10am Girls 3rd Place
11:30am Platte Valley/North Andrew vs Pattonsburg boys 3rd
1pm Girls Championship
2:30 Platte Valley/North Andrew vs Princeton boys championship


Gallatin Tournament

Wednesday Results-Consolation semis
Gilman City 51 North Harrison 10
Braymer 49 Winston 39

Gilman City 67 Gallatin 61
North Harrison 52 Winston 32

Thursday Schedule
4:30 Polo vs Gallatin girls semis
5:45 Maysville vs Trenton boys semis
7pm Trenton vs Maysville girls semis
8:15 Braymer vs Polo boys semis

Friday Schedule
4:30 Gilman City vs Braymer girls consolation
5:45 Gilman City vs North Harrison boys consolation
7pm Girls 3rd Place

Saturday Schedule
11am Boys 3rd Place
12:30pm Girls Championship
2pm Boys Championship


PVI Tournament

Wednesday Results
St Joseph Christian 58 North Nodaway 18 girls semis
Nodaway Valley 49 NE Nodaway 36 girls pool play

North Nodaway 47 Nodaway Valley 38
St Joseph Christian 75 Stewartsville/Osborn 72 OT

Thursday Schedule
6pm DeKalb vs Union Star girls consolation
7:30pm DeKalb vs Union Star boys consolation

Friday Schedule
at Northwest Missouri State University
4:30 North Nodaway vs NE Nodaway girls 3rd
5:45 Nodaway Valley vs Stewartsville/Osborn boys 3rd
7pm St Joseph Christian vs Nodaway Valley girls championship
8:15 North Nodaway vs St Joseph Christian boys championship

Mound City Tournament

Wednesday Results
LeBlond 38 Mid Buchanan 32
Mound City 59 East Atchison 34

LeBlond 77 Mound City 43
Mid Buchanan 62 South Holt 44

Friday Schedule
5pm Rock Port vs South Holt Girls Consolation
6:30 Rock Port vs South Holt Boys 3rd Place
8pm LeBlond vs Mound City Girls Championship

Saturday Schedule
5pm Mound City vs East Atchison Boys Consolation
6:30 Mid Buchanan vs East Atchison Girls 3rd Place
8pm LeBlond vs Mid Buchanan Boys Championship

Tri-Rivers Classic at Schuyler County

Wednesday Results
North Shelby 55 Putnam County 42 girls semis
Brookfield 40 Knox County 24 girls consolation semis

Schuyler County 64 Scotland County 56 semis
Brookfield 63 North Shelby 50

6pm Clark County girls vs Milan girls (High School and Middle School) semis
7:30 Milan vs Putnam County boys (High School and Middle School) semis
6pm Schuyler County vs Scotland County Girls consolation semis
7:30 Knox County vs Clark County Boys consolation semis

12pm Girls 3rd Place at High School-Putnam County vs Clark Co/Milan
12pm Girls 7th Place at Middle School-Knox county vs Schuyler County/Scotland County
1:30 Boys 3rd Place at High School-Scotland County vs Milan/Putnam County
1:30 Boys 7th Place at Middle School-North Shelby vs Knox County/Clark County
3pm Girls Championship at High School-North Shelby vs Clark Co/Milan
3pm Girls Consolation at Middle School-Brookfield vs Schuyler County/Scotland County
4:30 Boys Championship at High School-Schuyler County vs Milan/Putnam County
4:30 Boys Consolation at Middle School=Brookfield vs Knox County/Clark County