Catherine Daisy Coleman better known as Daisy or Cat died unexpectedly on August 4, 2020.  She is survived by her mother, Melinda Moeller Coleman and her two big brothers, Charlie, and Logan.  She is preceded in death by her father, Dr Michael Coleman and her little brother, Tristan Ash Coleman.

Daisy graduated high school from Albany R-3 in 2015.  She went on to attend college at Missouri Valley on a wrestling scholarship. During this time, she was the subject of the Netflix documentary “Audrie and Daisy”.  After a couple years in college she went on to pursue her passion of tattoos and became a tattoo artist.   She was a cofounder of SafeBae with her brother Charlie and her mother, Melinda. She spent time speaking at events about rape, sexual assault, bystanders and the fallout victims face like drug addiction, PTSD, harassment on social media and suicide awareness.

In high school she was an excellent student.   She was also a cheerleader and wrestler.  She loved wrestling. Probably due to the fact she had 3 brothers who all wrestled and lived in a household of daily grappling sessions and take downs.  And yes, we had a wrestling room complete with mats.  She was always a very talented artist and saw art and beauty in everything.

This all culminated in her work as an advocate.   She spoke all over the country and even some internationally.  She worked hard on her “movement” as she called it.  Educating boys and girls in middle school but also high schools and colleges. She also discussed the difficult situation of being a bystander during a rape and how you could handle the situation to rescue the victim. She has literally helped thousands or even more through her genuine concern for victims and empowering them.  She never wanted the story to be just about her.  She wanted it to be about all victims.

Daisy was very passionate about her advocacy work and began writing music and songs and working with Ella Fairon on the new movie “Saving Daisy”. She was always available to talk to victims, even if they were complete strangers.  She would stop and truly listen.

“Saving Daisy” is an inspiring and uplifting film about the path of healing that we plan to finish, along with 3 more songs thanks to Ella, also a cofounder of SafeBae

Daisy spent some months on the east coast with the makeup and art department for Amy Schumer’s movie “I feel Pretty”.  She was asked to try out for a part in the movie, which she happily did.  She really thought she had no chance of getting it but on her 21st  birthday Amy called her to say she got the part.  Daisy was ecstatic and continued to be great friends with Amy.  After that she played the part of Sheena Starr in the “Texas Death Trippin” movies by Robbie Lopez.

Daisy’s last request was that the Coleman clan continue her “movement”, educating and getting help to victims. We will honor her wishes.  Catherine D, as her Daddo used to call her and bellow across the gym when she wrestled, had this to say about death “you’re going to leave a legacy, no matter what you do, It ain’t a question of if they will, it’s how they remember you.”

That was shortly after the Queen of Sweden invited Daisy-Cat and Charlie Coleman to speak at the open assembly at the United Nations in the fall of 2019.  She got a chance to change the world and she took it.   Her courage was for us all as well as her grace, strength, intelligence, humor, and internal beauty. She had a spirit of pure light.

The night of August 4, we all lost some light. Because of her last wishes we will add a semi colon and continue her mission and try our best to bring back that sparkle and light. As per her wishes we will add some animal therapy to her advocacy.  The last day of her life she told me she just wanted to make me proud.  As well as continuing her mission.  So, we will continue to light her path with her as one kick ass guardian angel and her little brother sidekick by her side.  Daisy and Tristan will live through us all and through you.  We will continue her movement.  You never could have made me more proud. I am beyond honored and privileged to be your momma.  We all love you to the moon and back.

Celebration of Life:  2:00 PM Thursday, September 10 at the Albany Football Field.  Memorial Contributions:  Daisy & Tristan Coleman Foundation in care of the Roberson-Polley Chapel, 403 N. Hundley, Albany, MO  64402.  Online Condolences: