On a beautiful, sunny summer day in June of 1946, a blonde-haired angel full of light and love was born. She was known by many names…..Mom, Mama, Grandma T, Linda T, Grandma Liiiiinda, Kizzie, T, Linda Kay……but however you knew her, you knew there was just something special about her. She brought the light with her wherever she went. She was beautiful, kind, giving, funny, quick-witted, and truly one-of-a-kind.

Linda Kay Hutchison was born on June 9, 1946 in Bethany, Missouri to Darryl and June (Spence) Hutchison and passed from her earthly home on January 16, 2024. Linda was embraced by the Bethany community at an early age when they lined up to save her life by donating blood. She moved with her family to Milford, Iowa for a brief stent, but would return to her hometown and to her friends and family. David first laid eyes on Linda when he was 15 at a basketball game in Gallatin. He was trying to shoot a free throw and was distracted by the blonde pony-tailed beauty who was flitting down the sideline. He couldn’t wait to get his license. In the meantime, he had his friend drive him to Bethany in his Corvette to impress her. I guess it worked! David and Linda were united in marriage on July 23, 1965.

On October 5, 1966, Linda and David’s most important chapter in life began when their first of three daughters, Alisha Michelle was born. They went on to welcome Robin Renee on October 27, 1969. Brooke Camille completed the family on June 24,1976. Raising kind, strong, resilient children was their calling. Linda would often say, “It really doesn’t matter what you do in this life, it’s who you raise”. With that being said, she operated an in-home daycare for several years. She often said that she raised half of Bethany. Countless children’s lives were shaped by Linda T’s loving and tender care. Linda came out of retirement when she received a phone call from Les and Sharon Kelim stating that they were getting a baby boy. David Browning Kelim became a part of the tribe she helped raise, however, he did spend a lot of time in the black chair!!

Linda’s next venture involved owning and operating Small World, a children’s clothing store in downtown Bethany. During this time, she outfitted children with the latest styles. Several important friendships were made during this time, and she even offered “red chair therapy” to several people. Linda had such a giving heart. She would have given you the shirt off of her back. During one Christmas when Brooke was little, the Cabbage Patch phase was popular, and she wanted a specific doll. Linda had people in several states looking for this specific doll. About a week before Christmas, a man resembling Santa Claus stopped in the store and needed money to get to Des Moines. Of course, she gave him money and guess what….on Christmas Eve, the specific Cabbage Patch doll was in front of the store’s door when she went to retrieve her girl’s other presents. I guess that’s why we all still believe in Santa Claus!!!

Linda went on to manage Taco Bell and later Taco Bell/KFC for several years. She worked alongside her sidekick and sister-in-law, Barbara Walker. Once again, she decided to retire. Three days later, she received a call from Ronnie Cornett of BTC Bank asking her to become a part of their team. She spent several years spreading her infectious smile, witty charm, and gift of gab to many customers and co-workers. Linda retired permanently from working outside the home in late 2011.

Linda was always the mom that was there for her girls. She was the home room mother for her girl’s school parties year after year. Linda and Opal Ramey “attempted” their hand at coaching their daughter’s softball team. Needless to say, David and Bill took over shortly thereafter! Everyone that knew her was aware that Linda was not an outdoor kinda gal. However, the Girl Scouts needed troop leaders, so guess who volunteered? Linda and Terry Ann Wagler went on to build latrines and cook hobo meals on the open fire. They even roped Alice Hammond into helping and she is a mother of only boys! Linda and David traveled the Midwest with their dancing girls. A dance mom she was not, however, David could part a straight part and tie a perfect bow! You could always find Linda in the stands, clapping off beat at all of her girl’s activities.

The best was yet to come…the title of Grandma Liiiinda was her favorite. On 11/15/89, Slade Christian was born. Slade had a knack of getting his grandma to do things that she really wasn’t fond of like sitting on a bucket in 100 degree weather playing catch with him. She would often say, “Slade when you get to be a rich and famous athlete, remember who played catch with you in this blistering heat”. She welcomed her second grandson, Marley Kane on 05/15/99. Marley also could talk grandma into anything even if it was getting a $5.00 milkshake at “Russell Stovren’s” or fixing his favorite “free meal” of cheese fries like Dos Chiquitas made. He complained once about her food and Grandma Kizzie’s kitchen was closed for about two weeks until Grandpa suggested he apologize. Brock Christian made his appearance on 10/26/2000. Once again, grandma would do anything that B asked of her. She would get down on the floor to play cars and would make his special “pink milk”. Aubree Shae was born on May 8, 2009. Well as you can tell, after 3 grandsons, the princess could do or get just about anything that she asked of grandma. Robert James became a part of the grandchild tribe in 2008 and Chloe Paige entered the family in 2016. In 2017, Randy Claycomb and his passel of children including, Candace, Ryan, Travis, David and Ethan entered the family, blessing Linda with additional grandchildren and great grandchildren.

A very important aspect of Linda’s fun-filled life was the sisters of Xi Beta Master, Chapter of Beta Sigma Phi. These girls’ friendship spanned the course of almost 60 years. You never knew what shenanigans these gals would be up to. One year at a Halloween school dance, three characters arrived in costume offering to dance with various teenagers including children of the group. It was revealed to Sean, Patrick, Angela, Alisha and Robin years later who the culprits were! Another comical episode was the South Harrison edition of The Gong Show. The sisters donned brown paper sack dog faces and one roller skate to perform a dance routine. No doubt it was quite the performance! These sisters have shared a close bond that few have accomplished. They have been together through thick and thin…and when I say that, I mean literally!!! They have worked together as a team for each other’s kid’s graduations, weddings, anniversary parties, and funerals. We should all be so fortunate to achieve this kind of love and friendship.

Linda was a graduate of Southwest High School in 1964. She was a member of Bethany United Methodist Church and Wings of Hope Prayer Shawl Ministry. She worked with the Miss Bethany Pageant Group and Harrison County Relay for Life.

She was preceded in death by her parents, Darryl Wade on 06/13/09 and Vera June on 02/08/18; brother, Gary Wade on 06/18/49; sister, Peggy Jean on 03/02/75; grandson, Slade Christian on 10/24/99; father-in law, Almer Doren on 11/15/67, and mother-in-law, Garland Inez on 06/19/92.

In addition to her husband of 59 years, she is survived by children, Alisha Purdun (Randy Claycomb) Bethany, Robin (Robert) Wegner, Panama, Iowa, Brooke (Stephen) Epperson, Kearney; grandchildren, Brock Hedstrom, Robbie and Aubree Wegner, Marley Symmonds, Chloe Epperson, Candace Claycomb (Brian Sipes), Ryan Claycomb (Molly Cartright), Travis and Shelia Claycomb, David and Nancy Claycomb, Ethan and Jaysie Claycomb; great grandchildren, Jace Claycomb, Brylee and Jordan Sipes, Kyler and Bercaw Claycomb, Tyler and Emma Rudolph, Jackson Smith, Isabella Claycomb, Styrling and Slade Claycomb, and Tripp and Baylor Claycomb; her sisters of Xi Beta Master, and a host of family and friends.

Funeral Services will be held at 11:00 a.m. Monday, January 22 at Roberson Funeral Home, Bethany, MO. Burial will follow in Morris Chapel Cemetery, Bethany, MO. The family will receive friends from 4:00-6:00 p.m. Sunday at the funeral home. Memorials may be made to the Harrison County Cancer Transportation Fund in care of Roberson Funeral Home, P.O. Box 46, Bethany, MO 64424. Online condolences may be left at www.robersonfuneralhome.com.