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Pet Of The Week – Bella

Please say hello to Bella! Bella is a German Shepherd mix puppy who is only about 16 weeks old and who is looking for a very special Forever Home and Family of her own.

Bella, who is now safe at Green Hills Animal Shelter, had a rough start to life. She was abandoned, along with her mother and brother, and the three were left to fend for themselves.  Being abandoned was bad enough, but then Bella’s mother and brother were shot by an unkind person, and Bella suddenly found herself all alone and in danger.  Fortunately for Bella, a kind person found her and brought her to the shelter so that she would be safe and cared for, and could find a safe, loving home of her own.

Bella is a sweet girl who, despite all she has been through, is friendly and affectionate. She is a quiet-natured pup who rarely barks in her kennel and seems genuinely grateful for the care and love she receives.  Bella loves to go outside in the shelter’s fenced area and run and play, and she loves it even more if someone will play with her.  She gets along well with other dogs and, as her Shepherd genes dictate, Bella is quite a smart girl.

If Bella could describe her perfect Forever Home, she would ask for a family who would shower her with love and help her forget her rough start. She would very much like to be an indoor dog so that she could spend lots of time with her family, and of course, she would enjoy a securely fenced outdoor area where she could run and play and perhaps even learn to play fetch.  Bella would be happy to share her home with a canine friend, and she would also enjoy being in a home with children; as a matter of fact, Bella would be a wonderful pup to grow up as some lucky child’s loyal and special friend!

Bella will go to her Forever Home spayed, dewormed, heartworm tested, and up to date on all vaccinations including rabies.  She had a rough start to life, but she is ready to soak up the love of a Forever Family; could that family be yours?

For more information on Bella, or any of the pets waiting for their homes at Green Hills Animal Shelter, please phone the shelter at 660-359-2700 or stop by during open business hours. Bella and her fur-friends will be waiting to greet you with happy barks and contented purrs!

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