Pet Of The Week – Degas & Monet

Please meet Degas and Monet! Degas and Monet are littermates who, at only about 4 weeks old, were found all alone.  The kind person who found them knew they were too young to make it on their own, so they brought them to Green Hills Animal Shelter, where they’ve been delighting us ever since.

Although they are from the same litter, Degas and Monet sport two very different classic looks. Degas is a handsome silver tabby with classic silver, blue and black markings, while Monet is an orange tabby with striking orange and red fur. How do they look so different? Well, you see, while a litter of kittens has only one mother, they can have several different fathers. Think of them kind of like fraternal twins – born together, but genetically different.

Degas and Monet are now 12 weeks old, and are the perfect kitten companions. They are playful, friendly, curious, affectionate, and guaranteed to keep a constant smile on your face. They love people and other cats, and they especially love each other.  These two bundles of love are completely bonded to each other; they eat together, play together, get into mischief together and, when they finally wear themselves out, they climb into their hammock and sleep curled up together. And, because they are a bonded pair, we are asking that they be adopted together.

Because Degas and Monet are so full of love and joy, they would do well in any home. They would love a home with toys and perhaps a cat tree where they could romp and play together, and a snuggly bed that they could curl up in together after they wear themselves out. They don’t ask for much, but you’ll get so much in return; their joy is contagious and they’d love to share it with you!

Degas and Monet have both been neutered, de-wormed, FIV/FeLV tested (negative) and are up to date on all vaccinations. The only thing they are missing is a family of their own. They promise to love and delight you every day — could the home they are looking for be yours? A Facebook video of Degas and Monet is available here!