Even though it’s July, June is bustin’ out all over! Say “Hi” to our new Pet of the Week…June. Pet of the Week is brought to you by, each and every week, the fine folks at Farm n Friend Veterinary Services.
June (Log number: 499678) is an amazing 21/2 year old Labrador Retriever mix. After raising 10 puppies, June is searching for a forever family who would love to take her on walks, or even play fetch, to help her get into Summer shape. June currently resides at the St. Joseph Animal Shelter. Her adoption fee is only $55,
If you are interested in June, and would like some additional information before visiting the Shelter, log online at petforu.com and enter her log number. You can also call the Shelter at (816) 271-4877, to set up a meeting with June.
While wishing June the best of luck, we also want to thank our fantastic sponsor..Farm n Friend Veterinary Services. Remember, they now have three locations to better serve you and your pets: Cameron, Gallatin, and Hamilton. Join us next time, right here on Pet of the Week.