Pet Of The Week – Kali

Please meet Kali! Kali is a beautiful calico, who is only about 3 or 4 years old. At one time Kali was a loved and spoiled kitty with a home of her own, but her life suddenly changed in January of this year when her owner had to relinquish her to the shelter.

When you look at Kali, you can’t help but notice what a pretty kitty she is! Like all calicos, Kali has a beautiful, multi-colored coat with vivid hues of black and orange and the gorgeous spots of white which are signature to calicos. (Did you know that the only difference in a Tortie and a Calico cat is the presence of white?) And Kali has the cutest face, which always looks so serious, even when she is happily playing.

Like many calicos, Kali is an independent girl. She loves people and is very friendly, but she isn’t a cat that requires constant attention in order to be happy. She loves to play and to spend time in the shelter’s cat play area, Meow Meadows, where the cat tree is her favorite place to be.  Kali doesn’t seem to mind spending time with other cats as long as it’s in small numbers, but given her choice we believe she would most likely prefer to be an only kitty.

If Kali could tell us what she is dreaming of, she would undoubtedly say that her dream is to be an indoor-only kitty in a Forever Home of her own where she could perch on the back of a chair and chatter at the birds from inside the window. She wouldn’t mind having a kitty sibling, but she would also be very happy to be the only cat in a single-cat household.  Kali would be the perfect companion for someone who would love an independent kitty, but still enjoy the unconditional love of a warm, purring friend sitting on their lap.

Kali has been spayed, de-wormed, FIV/FeLV tested (negative), and is up to date on all her vaccinations, including rabies. The only thing she is missing is that very special home of her very own; could that home be yours?