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Pet Of The Week – Kipper

We’d like to introduce you to Kipper! Kipper is a gorgeous Red Merle Australian Shepherd puppy who, at only  4 or 5 months old, is one of the most joyous pups you could ever hope to meet.

When you first meet Kipper you will see a happy puppy who can’t wait to play with you, but what you might not realize at first is that Kipper is deaf. Now, don’t let that worry you; the only difference between a pup with normal hearing and a deaf pup is simply remembering that they are deaf. For instance, a hearing-impaired pup is not able to hear a car horn or a warning shout, so for their safety, they should only be off-leash when they are within a securely fenced area. Also, be considerate and if a deaf pup is sleeping don’t accidentally sneak up on them; simply tap the floor with your foot so that they know you are approaching. Other than being conscious of the fact that they can’t hear, having a hearing-impaired pet is really no different than having a pet who can hear.

Kipper himself is a very happy pup who is friendly and affectionate. He is playful and energetic and Kipper LOVES going outside into the shelter’s fenced area to run and play. Kipper gets along with everyone he meets and his loving, friendly personality will make him a great family dog. Kipper is very smart and eager to please and coupled with the fact that deaf dogs are quick to pay attention and look to their humans for guidance, Kipper will be easily trainable using hand gestures and body language.

If Kipper could describe his perfect Forever Home he would ask us for a home with an active family who would play with him … A LOT! He would be very happy being an adult’s special companion, or he would also very much enjoy a home with children who understand not to accidentally sneak upon him. Kipper gets along wonderfully with other dogs and would be quite content to share his home with a canine friend to run and play with. Since Kipper is hearing impaired, he will require an indoor home with access to a securely fenced yard.

Kipper will go to his Forever Home neutered, dewormed, heartworm tested, and up to date on all vaccinations including rabies.  He is the happiest pup you could ever hope to meet; could you make his wish of a Forever Home come true?

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