Pet Of The Week – Nova & Her Nine Puppies

Twas the week before Christmas and all through their house

              The shelter pets were sleeping – each quiet as a mouse

The cats were in hammocks, the dogs in their beds

              While visions of Forever Homes danced in their heads

And then from one kennel there arose a small clatter

              And all the pets turned to see what was the matter

They stretched out their necks and climbed out of their beds

And then they saw it: “It’s Nova!” they said!

“She’s going to have babies, there’s going to be pups!

              “Where are the humans? They’d better hurry up!”

The humans came quickly and then they all settled down

              With blankets for Nova and love all around

The lights were down low and the shelter was warm

              And Nova was ready for her pups to be born ….

We’d like to tell you a very special story about a dog named Nova. Nova, who appears to be a Belgium Malinois, came to Green Hills Animal Shelter in early November, and when she arrived no one would have ever guessed that she was hiding a very special secret.

Nova, who had been found wandering the streets of Trenton, arrived at the shelter extremely skinny and very grateful to receive a warm kennel with a soft blanket and bowls of fresh water and food. Her sweet nature quickly shined through, and so did her appetite.  Staff quickly noticed that sweet Nova seemed to be perpetually hungry. They adjusted her feeding schedule, but no matter how much Nova ate she still remained thin.

By early December Nova was doing well and it was time for her to visit the vet; and that’s when Nova revealed her secret!  Nova was carrying pups and, although you’d never guess it by looking at her, was only a week or two from delivering! The vet could hear 4 distinct heartbeats with a possible fifth – no wonder she was so hungry and thin!  Staff brought her back to the shelter and began pampering her even more – and everyone anxiously waited….

Then on December 15th, the call went out: Nova was ready to deliver.  A small group of staff and board members went to surround her with love and to assist if needed, and we all waited with baited breath.  By 7:50PM Nova had two pups; and then came two more; and then two more …. And then late into the night the message went out: Nova, who just a month before was wondering the streets with no place to lay her head, was the proud mom of 9 Christmas puppies!

True to her name, Nova was a shining star! And her pups – Astra, Lyra, Zora, Stella, Luna, Phoebe, Celeste, Sirius and Draco – were Nova’s little Christmas miracles!

Nova and her pups are all doing well, and Nova has a wonderful Forever Home already waiting for her. But for now she’s busy being Mom and soaking up all the love surrounding her. And when the time comes that her pups are old enough to be adopted, their adopters are going to receive shining stars of their own – our little Christmas Miracles!

For more information on the pets available for adoption at Green Hills Animal Shelter, please phone the shelter at 660-359-2700 or stop in during open business hours – we’d love to help you find a new furry friend!