Pet Of The Week – Scooby

Please meet Scooby! Scooby is a 2 year old boxer mix who came to the Green Hills Animal Shelter in 2019.  Scooby was one of 20 dogs rescued from an over-populated home. Over-population situations are very hard on dogs, who must often compete for food and survival. In Scooby’s case the situation was extra hard, because Scooby is vision impaired.

Because of his vision impairment, it is sometimes difficult for people to see Scooby’s true personality.  You see, Scooby is not completely blind, but rather sees in shadows.  In many ways, this is harder for him than being completely blind, because it keeps him on alert; he can tell that something is there, but, but he can’t tell what it is, if it’s coming at him, or how close it is. We can only imagine how scary that must have been for him in the environment he was in before he was rescued and brought to the shelter.

However, once you get to know Scooby, you will see that he is a sweet dog who loves to go on walks. When he’s alone with people in a calm environment, he is calm and just wants to be a normal, loyal companion. However, if his environment becomes noisy or confused, Scooby can become nervous from the distractions.

Scooby attended Puppies for Parole, and is Canine Good Citizenship ready. Heand his P4P handler developed specific touches to help him understand what was happening around him, as well as to understand his commands, and Scooby did very well.

Here’s what his P4P trainers said about Scooby, “ Besides being adorable, Scooby is also blind. But that just makes him extra special. He is a smart guy and CGC ready. He is shy and slow to trust because he is blind, but once he gets to know you and trust you, he is super friendly and very loving. He enjoys walks, cuddles, lots of treats and most of all, long naps. He would prefer a gentle, calm home. 

Scooby’s perfect home would be a quiet home with a calm, consistent environment and patient humans who would help him to adjust to his home and feel safe in it.  He would love to go on long walks in the country where there isn’t too many distractions or noise. Scooby would even be game for some light hiking, if his humans were so inclined, but whether walking or hiking, Scooby will need to remain on a leash at all times for his safety, and because wearing a leash helps him to feel safer, too. Scooby would also prefer a home without small children because sudden movements startle him.

Scooby has been neutered, de-wormed, heartworm tested, and is up to date on all his vaccinations, including rabies.  The only thing Scooby is missing is that one special home that is meant just for him.  Could that home be yours?