Pet Of The Week – Sunny

Please meet Sunny! Sunny is a beautiful black and white Tuxedo kitten who is only about 6 months old. Before being welcomed into the safety of Green Hills Animal Shelter, Sunny and her siblings lived on the streets, struggling to find food, water and warmth in the freezing winter temps. Surviving on the streets is hard for a kitten in the best of weather, but it is even harder when the temperatures plummet below zero and snow and ice cover the ground. Fortunately for Sunny and her siblings, on one of the coldest nights of the year, a kind person spotted them and took them into their home, making sure that they all stayed warm and had food and water for the night,  and undoubtedly saving their lives. However, their rescuer wasn’t able to keep them and so after keeping them safe for the night, Sunny and her siblings came to the shelter.

When Sunny first arrived at the shelter, she was a bit shy in her new surroundings. You see, life is not easy on the streets and letting your guard down too quickly, especially when you’re just a young kitten, can be quite dangerous. However, after spending time with a special volunteer, Sunny began to come out of her shell and her sweet, endearing personality began to shine through. Today Sunny is a happy kitten who loves to play and is learning the joys of being a cuddle-bug. She gets along well with other cats, and doesn’t seem to mind the dogs who also reside at the shelter.

If Sunny could describe her purr-fect Forever Home, she would request an indoor only home where she would never have to be cold or hungry again. She would love a kind, patient family who would understand that while she might be a little nervous at first, underneath that initial shyness is a loving, cuddly kitten just waiting to come out and fill her family’s days with smiles and love. Sunny gets along well with other cats, and would be purr-fectly happy to have a kitty sibling or two.  She would also be quite content to share her home with children, or perhaps even a canine sibling.

Sunny will go to her Forever Home spayed, de-wormed, FIV/FeLV tested, and up to date on all vaccinations, including rabies.  She is ready to forget about life on the streets and become a beloved member of a family all her own; could that family be yours?

For more information on Sunny, or any of the pets waiting for their homes at Green Hills Animal Shelter, please phone the shelter at 660-359-2700 or stop by during open business hours.  Sunny and her friends will be here waiting to steal your heart!