Pet Of The Week – Thelma & Louise

We’d like to introduce you to a very special duo of kitties, Thelma and Louise, sisters who are only 1-year old and looking for a very special place to call home.

Thelma is a beautiful Calico, and Louise is a gorgeous Silver Tabby, but it’s not just their beauty that makes them so special.  You see, Thelma and Louise had a hard start to life. They were found as tiny kittens who were in desperate need of help.  Thelma had an injury to her foot that resulted in a radial nerve injury, and Louise had a fractured pelvis.  But despite the odds being stacked against them, these two very special girls were filled with love and determination, and they began their journey of healing together.

For the last year, Thelma and Louise have resided at the shelter vet’s office, receiving lots of love and the care that they needed to recover from their injuries.  During that time Louise’s fractured pelvis has healed beautifully. And while Thelma has lost partial use of her front leg due to the nerve injury, it does not slow her down one little bit, and we have watched a beautiful, love-filled  partnership form with Louise helping Thelma and becoming her self-appointed service cat.

Both Thelma and Louise are very loving and very playful. They love people and enjoy attention and being petted.  Needless to say, they never fail to steal the hearts of everyone they meet. They are fully litterbox trained and very fastidious about being clean and tidy.

Because Thelma and Louise are completely bonded and Louise assists Thelma, these two special kitties will need to go to a home where they can always remain together. Their perfect home would be an indoor-only home where they could spend their days sharing sunbeams and spending lap time cuddling with their Forever Family. They are absolutely full of love to share, and they are one of the most amazing duos you could ever hope to meet.

Thelma and Louise will go to their Forever Home spayed, de-wormed, FIV/FeLV tested, and up to date on all their vaccinations, including rabies.  If you are looking for a pair of kitties that will make your heart smile every single day and remind you that there is  love, happiness and good in the world, Thelma and Louise are looking for you!