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Pet Of The Week – Tigger

We’d like to introduce you to Tigger! Tigger is a handsome Pit Bull Terrier who came to Green Hills Animal Shelter in December of 2020, and it breaks our hearts that a year later this sweet boy is still waiting for a family to love.  Before coming to the shelter, Tigger had a home of his own where he was very, very loved.  But, sadly, Tiggy’s owners were unable to keep him due to a breed ban in the city where they resided, and they had to make the heartbreaking decision to relinquish him to the shelter where he would be loved and cared for until he could find another home of his own.

After being left at the shelter Tigger, who is only about 2 ½ years old, was at first very sad and confused. He didn’t understand why he was in this strange place, and he was clearly mourning the loss of his home and the person he had loved with all of his heart. But despite being so sad, Tigger’s sweet personality still shined through.

Tigger, or Tiggy as we like to call him, is a big love bug who genuinely loves to be with people. When staff and volunteers come to sit with him, Tiggy is quick to curl up next to them and snooze contentedly, finding both comfort and contentment in the human touch. He is a very smart boy who loves to give gentle kisses, and this sweet Pibble LOVES treats, which shelter volunteers love giving him because he takes them ever so gently from our fingers while looking at us with eyes that seem to say, “thank you so much, kind human”.  Tiggy is very loyal to those he loves, and he is absolutely the perfect combination of athlete and couch potato!

If Tigger could describe his perfect Forever Home, he would ask for a home where he could live indoors as someone’s special companion. He would love to go on walks with his Forever Person, and then come back home and cuddle up next to them and show them what a loyal, loving buddy he is. Because Tigger will be deeply loyal to his human, he would enjoy a home where he would be the only pet, and, only because of his size and strength, we would suggest that any children in the home be older.

Tigger will go to his Forever Home neutered, de-wormed, heartworm tested, and up to date on all vaccinations, including rabies.  He wants so much to be back in a home of his own; could you make his dream come true?

For more information on Tigger or any of the pets waiting for their homes at Green Hills Animal Shelter, you may phone the shelter at 660-359-2700 or drop by during normal business hours. We’d love to meet you and help you find a new furry friend!

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