Mercer School Board members received information that the preliminary assessed valuation will likely be increased for the upcoming year. Mercer’s school board held their July meeting on Monday night. The Board of Equalization will meet later to determine the actual valuations.

Mercer’s Return to Learn Plan will be implemented at the start of the school year. That plan is available on the website. That plan is also a fluid one.

The board approved the Board of Education Goals for the 2021-22 school year. One goal was added this year that included the COVID-19 pandemic.

A bid from Anderson-Erickson of Des Moines was approved for milk services.

Terry Bomgardner was appointed as the Homeless Liaison and Migrant Education Director. Lauren Guilkey was appointed as a Foster Care Point of Contact. Greg Frost was appointed as the English Language Learners Coordinator.

Mercer’s district is currently looking for a part time music education teacher and a cook.