Reversing Biden’s Cuts to Lake City Army Ammunition Plant

Dear Friend,

Built in 1942, the Lake City Army Ammunition Plant is a massive facility responsible for supplying our military with much of the small caliber ammunition they need to train and defend our country. It sits on nearly 4,000 acres in northeastern Independence, in the very southern end of my district.

Some 1,700 skilled craftsmen work there every day. Many of them are the second or third generation to undertake this incredibly important work in supporting our military. But, last summer, they got some terrible news.

The Biden Administration proposed cutting small caliber ammunition funding by 30 percent across the board. That would have been devastating for the plant, the folks who work there, and our country. Not only would that have led to hundreds of workers being laid off, but it also would have dealt a serious blow to our military’s readiness.

Like I said earlier, the folks that work at Lake City Army Ammunition Plant are skilled craftsmen. They can’t just be replaced with anyone you pull in off the street. If we lost them to other industries, it would make it a challenge to ramp production back up in the face of an international crisis. That’s particularly concerning given the state of the world today.

But, they weren’t about to take this one lying down. The workers of Lake City and Winchester—who operates the plant—both stood up and spoke out about the devastating impact these cuts to small caliber ammunition would have on our community and our country. I took up their cause in Washington.

In December, I made sure the Biden Administration’s cuts were reversed in this year’s National Defense Authorization Act and yesterday I secured the appropriations we needed to avoid disaster at Lake City.

We pushed back against the Biden Administration and won. It wasn’t easy and it wasn’t a Republican or Democrat issue. People of all walks of life and political leanings work at Lake City and we all depend on the ammunition they make to supply the service men and women who keep us safe. This was an incredible win for our community and our country and it makes me proud to represent all of the hardworking people of North Missouri.


Sam Graves