Standing Up for American Families

Dear Friend,

Last week, I wrote to you about a bill I helped introduce, the Lowering Energy Costs Act, and how I’m working to stop inflation and lower the skyrocketing cost of living in this country. I’m proud to report that our legislation passed with a bipartisan vote this week in the House. That’s because this isn’t a Republican or a Democratic issue—fighting inflation and rising prices is an American issue and we all need to work together to get it done.

I was proud to stand up to support this critical legislation as one of the original cosponsors of the bill on the House floor this week.


And, I was proud to celebrate the bipartisan vote to pass the Lowering Energy Costs Act out of the House of Representatives.


We have all the tools to make our country energy independent again, lower gas prices, lower home heating costs, lower fertilizer and food costs, and make it more affordable for families to get by. America is blessed with an abundance of critical natural resources. We just have to streamline the permitting process to get critical energy infrastructure projects done on time and on budget and stop those who weaponize the permitting process to force their political agenda forward.

That’s exactly what this bipartisan legislation does. President Biden has threatened to veto it. That’s his choice, but if he won’t accept our commonsense bipartisan solutions, then he needs to come up with a plan of his own. After all, his policies created this mess. It’s time he started working with Republicans to clean it up.


Sam Graves