The elections are over, and now TV can get back to airing commercials about Pepsi, pizza, and pick-up trucks. 

I am so incredibly grateful to the voters in my district for electing me for a fourth time to represent us in Jefferson City.  Going into election night, I felt good about my chances, but was humbled to receive my largest margin of victory ever, and even more votes in my area than President Trump and Governor Parson.  I want to thank all of my supporters who donated money, hosted a sign, shared a good word, or voted for me.  I am eager to get back to the capitol and continue fighting for all of us in northwest Missouri.

I also want to thank the voters of my district and our state for passing Amendment 3.  That amendment will ensure that future districts keep similar communities together, and that the person who replaces me in two years when I am term-limited out of the House will be someone from our area with our background.  All of the expert pollsters guessed that, given all of the out-of-state big money thrown into negative advertising, Amendment 3 would fail.  Once again, the pollsters were wrong.  Thanks to my fellow state representatives and state senators sharing the truth about redistricting with their constituents, support from Missouri Farm Bureau, and voters doing their homework, Amendment 3 passed.

Next on the legislative agenda is a Special Session for authorizing additional spending to address coronavirus.  The House will be in full session the week of the 9th, and the Senate will meet after the House has passed its bills.  I will discuss the outcome of Special Session in my next report.

Until next time, health, happiness and prosperity to you and your family.